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I would like for Hamburg High School to open there doors for better student involvement. When administration constantly breathes down your neck, it takes the fun out of high school. Taking away our privileges without a thorough explanation causes students to outrage and will push them back from wanting to go to school. This is a minor problem though. Overall the school has GREAT educational programs and is generally receptive of student ideas. This has allowed us to expand as a whole. This is one of the man reasons I love HHS!
I didn't expect much activity from my school because were a small town but dispite that we all got along. Everyone knew everybody and everything was mostly smooth sailing throughout the days. The teachers of the district got along with the students well, the students did their work and did wahat we had to do to graduate. The school wasn’t that big, but that’s a advantage because everybody knew eachother and that’s Communication, isn’t that one of the reasons we students go to school, to interact with eachother? Overall the school wasn’t bad, but things could be improved as in the campus, well that’s just my prospective.
Hamburg Central Schools s a solid suburban school district with good teachers, good facilities and constant improvement.
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What I loved about Hamburg high school was the environment and the teachers. The teachers made sure that they taught you everything you would need to know. Anytime you had trouble with anything there was always someone around who had no problem with helping you out. The sports was awesome especially football. Band was great, I played snare drum and I absolutely loved it I was very known in the small town of Hamburg
Just like any other school district in the nation you have caring and thoughtful teachers and teachers that don't want to be in the position. For a small school system with a low tax base, the schools and the technology are in pretty good shape. Technology and keeping kids actively engaged is a priority. Teachers and administrators work hard to keep behaviors at a minimal. They have great support for children with social and emotional problems with an active school based therapy program and a social worker on staff. There service to special ed students is also great with caring special ed teachers and a dyslexia therapist to help identify struggling readers.
Hamburg School District hasn't always been the best, but in some kind of way it improves itself each year.
I like some of the classes that are offered like EAST and the new computer programming courses that have been added. I don't like the lunches and now you get half an hour instead of an hour lunch for cap groups which serve no purpose.
i love seeing all the students coming together, and makinnour community a better and safer place. i really don't know where i would be without all the support from my high school staff, they are truly amazing.
I went to Hamburg High School. It was a great high school to go to for the four years that I went, although the last year of high school the school became very strict. We could not have an hour lunch anymore. We could not bring any outside drink even water and they did not have anywhere to buy it at he school. Although my overall experience of Hamburg High school was a pleasant experience.
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