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Hamburg Central School District Reviews

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Hamburg school district has some amazing teachers and some so bad you wonder why they're not fired yet. District does not always handle bullying situations well.
I've only been in the district for a little over one academic year, but it is a vast improvement over my previous schooling. I find myself meshing with schoolwork much more easily and I'm far less stressed.
The music programs once you get to the high school are very good. Even if you don’t plan on going into music there are a lot of classes for you that you can take. Most of the AP teachers are good, with a few exceptions, and the seniors get a lot of privileges. Overall it’s been a decent place to go to school.
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I thought it was a wonderful school that prepared me for college. The population of students was very friendly and welcoming at all times. During my four years in school I never noticed any example of bullying. I also feel that almost all of the teachers that I had in my four years were wonderful at their jobs, and they all truly cared about all of the students.
I am a teen student so I obviously hate school but compared to others it could be much worse. We have many college credit classes and an excellent sports program but I feel like there is more attention to sports than to academics and the arts. And our arts are very good we just more budgeting and attention, the chorus and musical is excellent and general art work. We have had a few threats in the time I went to school but I have two more days until I am done with senior year. Teachers are friendly and mostly want their students to succeed some are iffy though with harassment allegations coming into play or not being politically correct or being professional.
I had an excellent 4 years at Hamburg High School. The music program was excellent and was the complete highlight of my career there, and is one of the biggest reason I went into Music Education in college.
I like the sense of community and how everyone is friends, there’s not really groups. It’s very safe and welcoming there’s plenty of clubs and sports to get involved in.
I love Hamburg and I’m sad to see it go when I graduate. I have made great friends and developed strong relationships. Learning much along the way. I’ve had a memorable time here.
My overall experience was okay. My elementary school was extraordinary. We had many different things to do and all of the kids at Union Pleasant Elementary were friendly. Hamburg Middle School was my least favorite part of my schooling. Students have very little freedom in the building, and the teachers were not very helpful. In high school, most of the teachers were helpful and always willing to make time for students. However, there were classes that needed a stronger curriculum and more influential staff. The students did not have very many freedoms that young adults should, and some of the facilities are in need of improvements. Hamburg High School does offer many AP classes, but not all the teachers who teach them should be teaching them. In retrospect, Hamburg has taught me many things, however it has also made me driven to move on to the next step in my education.
I love the dedication to the performing arts!! The programs are strong and appreciated and funded fairly well. They grant incredible opportunities that I wouldn't be able to receive anywhere else and I'm beyond blessed to be a Bulldog
As an art student, Hamburg has terrific resources for any artist with very diverse media and tools to prepare the best portfolio you can. The teachers help with college like no ones business, whether it’s letters of recommendation, help with the common app, or any questions you might have about the future
The Hamburg School District is small in size, but it is absolutely wonderful. The teachers really care about the students and their families. The entire staff of the schools in this district ensure that each student is academically ready to graduate and enter the college world.
Hamburg worked with me as a homeschool student by assisting with my SAT and quarterly reports. they were efficient and helpful.
The staff and faculty are super sweet. They all just care so much about you and try to get to know you as best as they can. Teachers are available whenever just to help you out with homework or something you don't understand. Hamburg High School has a great variety of clubs. One thing I would like to see be changed is the lunch foods.
I have had unbelievable experience at Hamburg high school that was made possible thanks to the teaching staff, athletics department, culture within the school, and hard working administrative staff.
My experience at this school was not the same as other students. However, many teachers went out their way to help, but there were also some teachers that did not care as much. Many teachers only teach us information we need for regents testing . Overall, you can clearly point out the teachers who were passionate about helping students learn and the teachers who were only there to teach us for tests.
I loved this school district. Aside from the recent drama with one social studies teacher it was a very good school. It was safe and educational and i feel like i received a decent high school education.
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Hamburg High School, academics wise, is one of the best schools I have ever encountered. Hamburg has many opportunities for their students to take AP courses such as AP English Language, AP Global Studies, AP American History, AP Biology, AP Statistics, and so on. Hamburg also has many club and sports opportunities, art and music opportunities, and scholarship opportunities.
I have been a Student at Hamburg High School for four years. I enjoy the art classes and the art projects at school and most of the teachers in the school at helpful and nice, but not all of them. I really like how we have a lot of sports teams as well in a variety of boys and girls. I love that we have an EMT class and a Health Academy classes for students thinking about going into a health career. They are very helpful classes that improve the learning of the students that use them.

Some things I would change are the sports equipment we use in gym class by making them not as cheap and therefor not as easily breakable. I also would improve the items used in the art rooms and give the teachers more tools and equipment to be able to teach their students correctly.
In my experience at Hamburg High School, I have always felt like my needs would always be met and that the staff that worked there truly cared for all the students. Hamburg High School has teachers that try their hardest to make sure all of their students are understanding the subject and giving it their all. I never once felt that if I needed help, I couldn't get it. There are many places that kids can go to if they have a problem or an issue and someone is always ready to help them out. Hamburg High School is truly an 11/10.
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