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Hamburg Area School District Reviews

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There's good and bad parts about Hamburg. The academics are pretty good, but the people are mediocre.
The school is very modern and clean and there are lots of AP options and opportunities. Some teachers are amazing but there are some who do not teach their material well.
The school is your average small high school. I found my niche there, and I found friends through my school activities. Overall, my four years were decently good.
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Hamburg is an excellent school system with great teachers who work to give their students the best. The one thing I would like to see change is a slightly stricter approach on bullies.
Hamburg School District is not great because there are a few teachers who should not be teaching the subject. They also lack information to their students, when they should be notified.
I have overall had a wonderful eperience at Hamburg. The students, teachers and staff are all extremely friendly and willing to help anyone. They offer a wide variety of advanced placement and college prep courses as well as classes and clubs specified to your field of interest. In addition, they offer online classes as well as the opportunity to attend trade school for half the day if they do not have classes specific to your needs or interests: culinary, automotive, cosmatology, etc. Because the school is smaller and classes are not overly large, students have the ability to interact one-on-one with the teachers before, during and after school if they should need help. Schedules are fit to include any and all desired classes including classes that can be taken completely online through their Virtual Learning Program to insure their students' success in college and beyond.
The curriculum challenged my brain and made me work harder so I could go
to college to become a nurse. My goal in life is to be a trauma nurse and to be the best I can be. I attended VO-Tech in school and received my certificate to work as a CNA which I employed as now.
Hamburg Area School District lives up to its motto "A great place to live and learn." Most teachers are well rounded and teach their subjects in a comprehensible way. The Honors/AP class teachers especially run their classes like a college course which helps students feel confident going into college. All teachers though, have an incredible work ethic and are very educated. The principals are amazing as well, always saying hello to students in the hallway and encouraging them to have a great day. They are motivating and fit for their position as principal. Coaches are motivating and supportive as well. I have played three sports each year up until now and I cannot remember any season where I did not improve. Hamburg also has 30-40 clubs which could fit anyone. Lastly, I want to mention the guidance counselors and our career specialist. With their help I have obtained an internship, made it through the college selection process, and learned about several scholarship opportunities.
I am very appreciative of Hamburg's facilities, such as its gyms and auditorium which were all recently installed. The gyms provides athletes with a good environment to practice in, even if the Hamburg sports teams are not that good. However, I would like to see a change in teachers, with many teachers insulting the kids and not teaching properly. The attitude that some of the teachers have is not very good, which can be very depressing for the kids at times.
The group of students at Hamburg are very kind and friendly. I moved into the school district sophomore year and made friends really quick. The teachers and staff are very easy to get along with and they make sure to help students whenever they need it.
The grading scale is set extremely high, making it very difficult to achieve an A in a class. To achieve an A at Hamburg Area High School, you must receive a grade of 94% or higher. In most other high schools, an A is 90% and above. School lunches consist of nothing but carbs and mostly unhealthy food. We are not give finals, which seems great, but is not because we are not prepared
Teachers are nice, students are not always nice. Classes are not hard and some classes need to be taught by yourself because some teachers are not the best.
It was a good school with many activities. The teachers were very helpful and the administration supported the students in all activities both in and out of school.
I like that Hamburg Area High School offers a wide variety of clubs, activities, sports, and classes that cater to many different wants and needs of the students. Students are allowed to explore different interests in classes without the pressure of staying in that field. I also like that Hamburg also takes good care of their students, which is shown in the way that the teachers and staff are able to have a professional yet caring attitude with the students. I would like to see a change in the way the students act. Some of them are very rude and are not kind. Also, there is very little diverstiy in the student/teacher population.
It was fine. The administrators and teachers are very nice and understanding. They understand how people get confused in multiple ways. It helps with the many presentations and assemblies.
I have been in Hamburg all my life. I love the people and environment. One thing I would change is the distance. My bus ride is about 45 minutes, but luckily I drive, so I get there in about 20.
All students have a laptop for the school year that they can take home. The teachers are great and everyone wants to see you succeed. It is also a smaller school so the students have good relationships with the teachers. The grading system is strict but that is a good thing. Plus the food is amazing!
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Hamburg is a relatively small school, in which everyone in the community tends to know each other from kindergarten to high school. The teachers are great, I never had a bad one. We have an excellent life skills program. The school doesn't receive a large amount of funding, so there could be more electives. There band and football teams are relatively small. It would've been nice to go to competitions for color gaurd like other schools. It prepared me for the most part for college, but lacks in important formats for writing such as Apa, MLA, ect. Overall, I am happy with my community and my school.
Hamburg Area School District is fine, but that all one could say about it. Students who go to school here mainly stay here their entire lives and the school prepares them for just that. Constant support and encouragement to find yourself and see the world is rarely found in the school. There are also a number is incidents that faculty also manage to not notice, such as bullying and overall just distasteful behavior of the students.
Overall, the school was ok. Socially, the school was divided. There were multiple scandals among the teachers. The school was not very fun because the school spirit was so low.
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