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Hamblen County School District Reviews

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Hamblen County is a great place to send kids to get their K-12 education. There is a variety of teachers and teaching styles. Their is also a variety of races in the school system, so no one has to feel left out. I think the one thing that the district could improve on is the security, but that's if I'm being picky.
In Hamblen county you get many teachers who put their students first and really try their best to make sure we all succeed. Personally my experience has been wonderful thanks to my teachers, counselors and students.
HAMBLEN county is a great place to go to school. The sports are great. Walters State is a community college that has ample opportunities.
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Hamblen County has been a great school system for the most part. I don't have too much to complain about
Teachers care more about grades than actual students learning. Busy work is such a big problem and challenging students isn’t encouraged.
There are so many opportunities for anyone who would like to apply themselves. AP courses are encouraged and the administration discloses all scholarship opportunities and dual enrollment. The guidance counselors work closely with every student to ensure success.
I have lived in Hamblen county for almost 17 years now. Hamblen county is where I grew up, built relationships, and learned academically. My only concern is that social change and growth doesn't seem to be keeping up the economic growth and changes made to our county. Schools show strong amounts of tension among other racial, social, and even ethnic groups. As it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I would like to bring this issue to light and ask school administrations as well as the Board to allow students more opportunities to find what unites them as a whole rather than breaking them down. Students respond more to positive reinforcement and listening to their opinions, especially in high school, instead of being treated like a factory assembly line.
I love it! I wish they would incorporate more arts into the learning. The sports are pushed a lot, but the arts in hamblen county are important, too, because many students are very talented in the arts fields.
The education provided by Hamblen County is top-notch. The teachers know what they're teaching, and actually care about the students enough to actually teach. There is a strong feeling of belongingness in the schools. They do their best to make sure that every kid has a place within the school they attend. Classes are challenging, but the teachers are very good at what they do, so almost every student can learn and grasp the concepts presented to them. The teachers also have a tendency to stay after school to assist any children that need help. Grades are fairly forgiving, as most teachers will give students the opportunity to correct bad work and have it re-graded. The only gripe I could have is that the schools themselves aren't typically in the best shape, and more money is spent building new parts of the schools rather than repairing the old parts.
This school district is good. I wouldn't say great because of many areas it could use improvement in. My experience was decent. The only real "big" complain would have to be the school lunch menus. They were very non-appetizing.
The Hamblen County school system was a fine place to learn. The teachers involved in my grade school career were more than happy to help me, and they did whatever it took to help me succeed. Two teachers in particular, Brian McLaughlin and Hannah Lane, were the best teachers, not only with a friendly and personable vibe, but with the professionalism it took to prepare me for what lies ahead.
The school district is great, however there are things it lacks, just like every school district. There is good and bad in everything! You just have to see the positives in everything. I can sit and complain about what is wrong with the world and what is wrong with the school system, but in the end, it is not helping my child learn or get anywhere in life. Everything can't be perfect, but you can make the best with what you have. I wouldn't want my child in any other district.
Probably one of the best schools to go to if you live in Tennessee. The academics are top notch with access to Honors and AP classes, the Teachers do a great job explaining material, a good amount of diversity, and great opportunities. The only negatives are the average food and the abyssmal bathrooms. Still a great school to go to.
I went through the Hamblen County school district and I enjoyed every moment of it. It proved to be a very good school system and I learned a lot within it. The teachers really do care about their students and their well being after high school.
I love our school district and the whole community is involved with our schools. The teachers push and support their students to be and do the best they can. It takes a whole neighborhood to raise a child and we are doing just that.
my kids go here, but if i have to choose, I would let them go to the next county, Jefferson. the schools there seems to be better and the teachers are more engage with the kids
I attend school here for all of my life and it was a very good county to attend school in. The only issue is that sometimes you got special privileges depending on your family.
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The gambler county school district is focused on the student's education and how to better their education. They are always looking for improvements in technology and academics for their schools. The only thing that could change is getting to know the students better and making a connection with them.
What I liked most about the Hamblen County School District is the effort put in by all of the teachers. Every teacher strives for the best for their students and does their best to get them to where they want to be. However, something that I would change would be that each high school should be equally renovated. If you look between Morristown East and Morristown West you can see just from the outside that East is a lot newer. I see it that if one school gets renovated the other should be equally helped out.
I have personally attended the Hamblen County school district from kindergarten through my senior year! It was an amazing experience for not only myself, but my younger siblings now as well. This school system has prepared me to excel in college now, and I am thankful for that. I am prepared for the future, and I'm very thankful for the guidance that the school system provided me.
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