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Halstead Unified School District Reviews

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As a now college student, I miss the teachers the most that I had a Halstead High School. They pushed us to be the best and helped us along the way. When people ask me what my favorite thing about high school was, it was easily my teachers. I always felt involved and cared for. I do believe that this school could be improved if there were a better connection between the administration and teachers. There always seemed to be miscommunication and disagreement between the two and I feel if they had worked together, there would have been a more cohesive team throughout the school.
I haven’t been at Halstead High School all four years of high school but in my short few years I’ve noticed a lot of things go on without administration acknowledgment. There have been quite a few instances when there was clear bullying and breaches of safety and privacy and the school failed to take action and the school failed to enforce more safety measurements.
I would like to see a more diverse school. This school is in a small community and the majority is caucasian. The food is deplorable and there are many repairs that need to be done. On the other hand, the teachers are very concerned about the success of their students and they like to see them prosper.
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I loved the teachers and staff but higher quality facilities would be nice. The girls side of the school is not as nice as the boys side. They get the nicer locker rooms and nice field opportunities that I think girls need too.
One of the best things about Halstead USD440 would be the fact that we are such a small school that teachers really get a chance to get to a personal level with the students and understand each of their students abilities and challenges in order to help everyone succeed with their goals.
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