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Hallsville Independent School District Reviews

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Hallsville School District is your average white student school. They make up around 80% of the population and the teachers are outstanding. The only problem is that with all of these great aspects, racism ruins them all causing the school to crumble year after year with bad reviews from parents and staff.
The academics here are very good, you have a wide variety of classes to choose from and the teachers are ready to help you learn and answer any questions. The band program is excellent and they are like family. The directors are always there to help with anything: wether it is band related, or personal problems, they always listen and lend a helping hand. Hallsville ISD offers a sense of community and everyone is tight-knit. Overall, my experience as a part of the Roaring Band from Bobcat Land and a student at Hallsville has helped me grow so much as a person and a student.
Hallsville has a great community that surrounds the school. All of the employees and staff care deeply about their students and their success. Hallsville is a great place for students to achieve greatness with unconditional love and support.
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Good school, and unique in its own way. I have enjoyed my time there, especially through their drill team.
My teachers are so amazing and understanding. They really strive to help kids learn and grow in their knowledge.
I wen to Hallsville me whole school career, and I loved it for the most part. There was more of an focus on teaching the test rather then the material though, so sometime didn't really feel like we were truly being taught the material.
The atmosphere in the school makes its easier for students to learn and enjoy there four years of high school
Awesome teachers and great school. This was the perfect school to be educated and also learn about life lessons and knowledge for career also.
Hallsville ISD has a warm, friendly feeling surrounding the entire district. As a parent, I love knowing that my children were able to get the education and individual instruction needed to preserve throughout the academic years. We would give them a five star rating!!!
I had an overall good experience in my years there. I had some trouble through junior high and some things could definitely be changed, but I had a decent time.
Hallsville HS has been notorious for its responses in handling bullying cases due to an incompetent administration staff leader. I used to like Hallsville, but I wouldn't recommend anyone due to the bullcrap policies this year.
It’s very good, probably the best in the area but honestly it’s fine. It’s just a high school. It has its problems like everywhere else, but it makes up for it with superb clubs and activities, and great academics.
I love being at Hallsville. Being involved in the FFA program. The teachers are always a joy being with. I feel safe being at Hallsville high school. This school has taught me not only what I need to succeed in college but has taught me life lessons. There are many options when coming to this school. You can learn how to cook, sew, be in athletics, learn about agriculture, and sports management. This school is bby far the best all around.
HHS is overall a good school, but there isn't enough focus activities outside of athletics and its kind of upsetting because our UIL teams are way better than our football team.
I have lived in this school district for 18 years and I have a love hate relationship with it. When I was younger I thrived in school and enjoyed going, felt encouraged by my teachers and had a very positive experience. Until my late Junior High and early High school years I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. It was the best school district in east Texas in my opinion, but when I got old enough I was able to see some flaws in my school. How teachers would sometimes favorite other students or the lack of diversity in the small school. I still believe it is a solid school district.
Hallsville offers an amazing academic program as well as an award-winning UIL team, however the football team is drastically overfunded when compared to its record. The one thing I would change is fund teams based on performance, not popularity.
It's a great school works well with student accommodations and has a good atmosphere. The teachers are really into and involved in all of the students life, they want to make sure all students are understanding the circulium. If you're anew student you will be welcomed with loving arms and find a group to call your own!
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Back when I was in school it was pretty well ran. The district was continuously building and moving up, along with amazing teachers that we're encouraging. I always passed my tests so I must've had good teachers. At my sophomore year is when the 4A school was built, I was one of the many, first sophomores of Hallsville High School. I graduated a year and a half early thanks to their Account program which help kids to quickly get through school in an isolated environment, which was great for those in unfortunate situations who had to grow up a little too quick. Overall, a great school, great teachers/staff.
It’s a good school that cares about the students’ success, however it does not fully help student equally. Some organizations are underfunded while some have too much money. Sometimes they focus on the wrong organizations.
The majority of the faculty is well-informed and can easily convey the curriculum they need to. We have high-level classes that prepare students for college; however, some of the classes are very low-level, even for regular weight, and can be improved on.
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