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I have attended 3 Hall County Schools within the past 4 years. The curriculum is consistent and staff is very involved and engaged in ensuring student success. There are career tracks and dual enrollment to help jump start college, which is awesome.
Hall County schools give you opportunities that some schools don’t and they really go into depth onto what skills you have. Very personal and would highly recommended
I have had an excellent experience with the schools in Hall County. All three schools I have been in have given me a top notch education and incredible opportunities. The teachers and administrators truly are phenomenal and do their absolute best to work for the good of each and every student.
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Hall County schools can generally be considered average. They are not over-the-top wonderful, but they are also not sub-par.
Only a few schools have good buildings while the rest are really old and shabby.... People are good but safety is not.
My high school experience has been pretty average. I actually go to a small Christian school that follows the rules of the Hall County System. Because my school is small, I believe that I have had an advantage in student to teacher ratio which allowed for better learning. I don't think I'd change anything with the system.
This is a very hit-or-miss school district. Lots of students do not care about their education, especially if you take regular level courses. Addtionally, many teachers do not even care about the students' success.
I love Gainesville high school was the best school . Many activities you could join . Good athletic department, academics and good teachers . Teachers always looking to help you out .
I loved the school system. I was offered a lot of academic opportunity as well as extra curricular activities to participate in.
hall county schools are average schools. The teachers are very friendly some and more then others. We are a very technological community. And i always feel like i am well thought not just academically but socially also.
Johnson High School has the best principal ever! While the school is old and may need some updates, they make up for it through their teachers and admin.
I lived in a better school district than most Hall County schools. I felt like my education did prepare me to get accepted to a good college.
I think hall county schools are a great place to grow and evolve as a person. There is so much diversity and culture at my school especially. Our administrative staff is very welcoming and have a way to make all of the students and teachers feel like a family. I will always be happy to be say that I went to a school in Hall County because it helped me shape into the person I am today.
I love how teachers care about their students. Everyone is treated with respect. We all have our differences but that's what makes us unique. Everyone is allowed to express themselves and be who they are without getting judge.
I enjoy the learning atmosphere and the teachers that are employed within this school district. They are always free to help in not just school related matters, but in personal matters as well. I love my school's passion for education.
My children have been going to Hall County Schools since 2005. My daughter recently graduated from West Hall High School and my son is a Sophmore there now. Flowery Branch Elementry was an amazing school. Teachers and staff were so loving and caring for both of my children. West Hall Middle School, besides all the drama with the kids friends and trying to figure out who they are was also a good school. My daughter even dog sets and went to the wedding if one of her teachers there. West Hall High School is a great school and has made a wonderful stepping ground for my daughter now that she’s in college. Both of my children have been a part of the sports programs since they were in first grade, football, basketball, softball, cheerleading and wrestling. All amazing experiences! I cannot complain.
Graduating from a High school in the Hall county district I received a wonderful education as well as formed a sense of community. The teacher work very hard to make sure the students are ready for life after high school. I experienced this with Flowery Branch High however my sibling went to Johnson High and had a very different experience. The teachers at Johnson were very caring for the student but due to the demographics of the students the teacher main concern was making sure they passed on to the next grade instead of focusing on preparing them for college classes,
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Hall County is a vastly diverse district spanning from Buford, GA to Murrayville, GA. I have lived in Hall County for my entire life and plan to be here for a while to come. The school system is a large part of what kept my family in the area for so long as there is a high level of interest in extra-curricular activities while still maintaining academic excellence. Overall, Hall County Schools have been great.
I have been around many elementary schools in this district and they are okay. I have been to East Hall Middle School and High School and I frankly feel like they need to focus more on the communities standards instead of standards setup by politicians.
As a high school student of hall county, I love the the school system here. The amount of diversity here is astonishing. You see a variety of different races here. Most of the teachers here are caring and driven. My overall experience of being a student in the hall school system has been wonderful for the most part.
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