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I am very proud of the growth that my school has gained over the last 3 years. When I first came back as a sophomore I was thinking I made the wrong decision. After thinking hard and long, giving 100%, helping my teachers, and classmates I made the RIGHT CHOICE!! Alot of people has given up on Halifax County Schools, but we are on a rise and we are making a difference everyday.
What i like about halifax county school would be they work their hardest to get their students to college.
Halifax County Schools are far from the best! I have attended Aurilean Springs Elementary, William R. Davie, and Northwest Halifax High School. Northwest Halifax is an unsafe environment. I would not encourage anyone to attend this school. The facility is terrible. It is dirty and ran down. I would not want my child to attend Halifax County Schools. William R. Davie is a nice schools with a lot more structure than Northwest. It's almost hard to believe that they are in the same district! Halifax County School definitely needs new management!
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On a scale of 1-10, I give a 5. I have a son going to the 11th grade and a daughter going to 9th. Do i see growth yes. Do i see a difference yes. I am willing to give Halifax County 100% support. As a parent and a graduate of Halifax County its time for greatness to come back to our county and that starts with the head. The principals has to show the students that they CARE about them all and support them all. We need teachers who loves and wants to teach our children and who believes in their future. Praying for a prosper and very productive year. #vikingpride #allin
Halifax county school has so much potential. There are problems that can be fixed. There are 4 high schools in Halifax county. That is a lot of schools. These schools can be combined some how.
The Halifax County district is not the place to get a good/great education. Most of the teachers involved in Halifax County do not really care about the students which is why I had to leave the area. The education system is not that great. The government does not assist the schools with all the help that they possibly need. The books are old and most of the time not updated with today's new information. They also past the students without really seeing if they are a candidate to even go on to the next grade .
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