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Halifax County Public Schools Reviews

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My experience at Halifax County Public Schools was, and still is very satisfying. Most of my teachers are very helpful. If I could change anything about it I would change the amount of time we have to eat lunch. I would also provide us with a study hall.
The school is decent but it is not exceptional. I graduated last year and my experience was medium to low when it came to educational opportunity. However, most of the teachers put in a lot of work
I would like to see the cafeteria food improve tremendously. At Halifax County Public Schools, there is a great environment to help achieve academic success. I like the way the teachers take time to make sure each individual student succeeds. Even though the school is not in the best condition, it is a great learning environment. The teachers and administrators really care for each student.
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I was satisfied with my education at HCHS. I was blessed with dedicated teachers, for the most part. I graduated with an Associate's Degree, so I feel prepared for college. Our facilities need to be updated and the food needs to be improved.
I had a wonderful experience at this school. I learn a lot throughout my time being here. The teachers that I had were very friendly. They always helped me with my problems or information that I didn't quite seem to get. One thing I like to see change is getting some new text books.
I believe Halifax County is a decent school district. If i had to choose a place to raise a family I could see myself coming back to Halifax. I think it's just the right size where the teachers can help the students but there's enough students that you'll be exposed to diversity. I liked my time in Halifax and would recommend it to anyone
Halifax County Public schools have very good intentions, but need some help following through on them. The high school really needs some work. The bathrooms, classrooms, and maintenance need work. For the rest of the schools they seem pretty good. The food is alright. I do enjoy the teachers and the administrators. I really love how the high school offers college courses. It helps students prepare for college while still in high school. The variety of clubs and activities is very nice. The schools include a lot of diversity within students, teachers, and other staff members. All of the schools implement a very nice safety policy so students feel safe at all times. Parental involvement is a big thing through the schools. The sports are also very nice.
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