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Half Hollow Hills Central School District Reviews

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I like that the school district has given me many opportunities in the art field with my art classes and allows me to do thing other schools can’t such as work in a dark room.
I went to signal hill, West Hollow and nowhigh school east. Sooo much school spirit. AMAZING at sports. Such a comfortable environment!! Teachers however move around a lot. switching classes or schools all together. Also Some schools do have AC and some don’t. but, there is NO dress code so these Schools help kids express themselves and find themselves. Truly an open and loving place
I thought guidance was helpful in preparing me for the college application process. The choice of AP classes also helped.
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This school district is one of the rare schools in Long Island where there is diversity. The student body is made of people of all races, background and religion. Through all my years in the school, I have never witnessed any bullying or signs of racism. All students get along very well so much that we did not even need to have clubs or associations geared for specific groups or ethnicities.
Teachers are very dedicated and would stay after school to help struggling students. School guidance counselors are very helpful.
Great schools! The level of academics is one of the highest in the country and offers many opportunities for student to pursue all fields of study, Like art, music, science, engineering, computer programming, and many more. Administration at schools can hound students a bit, but it is usually for the greater good.
I got a great education from this school district. I attended Kindergarten through 12th grade. I went to both East and West. All of the schools in the district have great staff. They are very accommodating depending on your needs. I would recommend this school district to anyone. The culture and the community of this district is amazing.
There are many course offerings which allows you to dabble in different things to see what you might be interested in for the future.
half hollow hills has great academic opportunities but a horrible administration. The things that should be handled such as racism and bullying are thrown to the side while ethnic kids get suspended where a mere detention would suffice.
TOP QUALITY EDUCATION! The teachers and environment are the best you can get because they help you with learning difficult concepts and are very supportive.
The schools are very good and well organized. There are some things that could be improved. Some teachers are a bit harsh but others are amazing.
I like the amount of clubs and activities that are available to students. Students have many resources available to them to help them with whatever they need, whether it may be related to college, or just help with classes.
Half Hollow Hills School District is comprised of dedicated teachers and passionate administration. They really went above and beyond to form personal relationships with students outside of the classroom, in order to push them to succeed.
This Fall I will be a sophomore in college. I graduated from HHH High School East in 2016. I enjoyed my time at HSE because of the great academics and sports opportunities. If sports weren't exactly your forte, there was a myriad of clubs that could be of interest. The teachers were there to aid us in our pursuit of education. They never fed us information; instead they guided us to solve the problem. If I could change one thing about my time spent at HHH HSE, I wish the school was more enthusiastic. Not only was pep rally not very interesting, but games were rarely attended by the student body.
Overall, my school district is great. Our education system is great but I would like to see a few things change. The following review is for High School West. There is a lack of solid teachers in the english and math departments and despite numerous complaints, nothing seems to be done about it. The overall school environment is uneasy with a clear separation of "social classes" and administration doesn't seem to do much about that.
My four children have been educated in HHH and each of them had a different experience because of their interests but each of them also had an outstanding experience.

Whether you have a child interested in academics, music, art, athletics or all of the above there are many opportunities for your child. Great place for learning.
I am a current senior, and have been enrolled in the Half Hollow Hills Central School District since Kindergarden. Although the entire staff is wonderful academically, there isn't much room for kids to grow creatively. Even in the art classes, kids are graded systematically and told what is good and what is not. HHH has many positive aspects, such as sports, college readiness, and diversity, but the district sorely lacks the ability to cultivate creativity and individual thought.
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some teachers really need to get evaluated and fired, and there are a lot of students that believe everything will be handed to them
When I attended Half Hollow Hills Central School district I enjoyed my time there. I was there all the way from kindergarten to 12th grade. I really like how most of the teachers in all my years there really motivated me to do the best I can and push myself to be better. They made me confident in myself and made me feel like I was special.The sports teams at the school have a great history and are fun to watch. That overall experience shows that everyone from teachers to the coaches make everything about the school district a great place for students. The district is also really good at preparing their students for college with many different AP courses to take. The district welcomes students from all backgrounds and makes everyone feel very safe on their grounds. I would recommend this district for anyone who wants their kids to have a great experience while also getting a great education.
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