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Haldane Central School District Reviews

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Haldane is a very nurturing and supportive environment. It is a very beautiful campus that overlooks the Hudson River. It has the feel of a small college. The school is k-12 on one campus with only about 800 students. Sometimes I wish it was a bigger school so that it could offer more clubs, activities, etc. . You spend all of your school years with the same small group of students which has its pros and cons. Everyone know your name and safety has never been a concern.
Haldane is a great school, on the smaller side in students but teachers are very plentiful. Faculty is organized, and the school itself knows what its doing.
Haldane is a very small community which is only good for the school because everyone is really accepting and open minded. It's easy for new students to feel welcome and at home.
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Haldane is a very accepting and supportive community! I've felt as though I could always explore my identity with the support of my peers and some of the incredible teachers I've had over the years. Like most student, I've gone to Haldane since kindergarten, so I consider the school to be a second home. I've made my best friends here, I've met incredible people, I've pushed by boundaries, gained knowledge, played a sport on an incredible, fun team, and started my own club. And the small class sizes were extremely ideal. Like most places however, there is room for improvement. There are some staff members and teachers who are not equipped to do their jobs, and some who are over qualified, yet are mistreated, and there is virtually no diversity. But overall, my time spend here as been enjoyable and I feel ready to embark on my next adventure in life with the tools I've gained here.
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