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Haddonfield Public Schools Reviews

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It's a great school with great academic resources. I feel very inspired academically and ready for my college career. Diversity and school culture can be weak topics however.
Competitive environment both acedemically and socially- most kids are very successful in this kind of environment and prepares them for college and life. Enthusiastic teachers and always available for the students, lots of support. Gives kids a life-long love for learning. Very grateful that my son has gone through this school system.
Great teachers who do anything for students and will always help them. Every teacher has the resources and shares them with the students.
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HMHS is a Really good school with a lot of resources and helpful teachers. The students are very nice and clubs and sports are very helpful with making friends and connecting with others.
I greatly enjoyed my time at Haddonfield Memorial High School and I feel that the school did a wonderful job preparing for college. If you live in the South Jersey area and you do not like your public school you should shadow a student at the school and see how you feel about it. My only complaint is that as a black student was that there was only six other black students in a school of 800. It was never that big of an issue for me and if it isn't for you give Haddonfield and try and good luck.
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