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This school has been a huge part of my life. The teachers at this school not only educated me but they also taught me how to be a good person, how to treat others with respect and kindness. The culture at this school is incredible and the people at this school after awhile become like family. I've met so many wonderful people at this school and I am forever grateful for the friendships and memories that I've made here.
I enjoyed my four years at Haddon Township High School! The teachers and staff created a great atmosphere. There was also plenty of school clubs, teams, and events to participate in to get involved!
I have no complaints about my time at HTHS. There was always a variety of options for classes. I had good teachers who were invested in their student's success.
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I loved my time at the Haddon Township school system. I have been apart of the Haddon Township school system grades K-12. The school system is small, but I think that with a small school system, kids are able to make greater friendships and make lifelong friends. The teaching in the Haddon Township school system is also amazing. I have learned so much from my teachers and they are all kind, responsible, and respectful people.
The teachers are all very nice and sports are good. I’d like to see some changes and funding to technology courses
Haddon Township has great teachers and great parent involvement! Great community to live in and raise a family. We have a great special ed department good sports teams and music program! Small class sizes. Kids that go to college do very well. The kids can be involved in many different aspects of the school because it is so small.
being a senior (Class of 2020), I have spent my entire career in the school. the teachers want to see you succeed, as does all the staff. they are friendly, they want to get to know you! being a smaller school (at my time only about 630 students total) teachers know you by name, you aren't just another student, you are YOU. The administration isn't some far off elusive entity, the principal, and vice-principals actively walk around and interact with students and staff. teachers are almost always available before or after school for extra help.
I am a current senior attending Haddon Township High School, and I have been in the Haddon Township School District since seventh grade. The community is extremely welcoming and friendly. Not only are the academics great, but so are the teachers, activities, and administrators. The sports are very important, but this does not mean attention is taken away from the arts department.
There is a significant lack of higher-up/administrative support for students, especially in the Middle School. HT has amazing art departments, especially in theater and music, and I wish more attention was given to these artistically talented students by faculty other than the teachers. In my time as a student, I believe I took full advantage of the opportunities presented to me, but the school seems to care more about students like myself and less about students who were less successful or less naturally ambitious. The school needs to be more proactive in caring for all of its students.
The school district is small in comparison with neighboring districts. As a result, the resources must be stretched more to cover a wide range of students. As a positive note, the smaller size of the schools also allows the students to participate in many activities. The lead in the school play can also be the star basketball player. There are definitely distinct pros and cons.
Haddon Township high school offers many opportunities to get involved and make new friendships. The teachers seem to really care about their students. You are able to
Reach out for assistance or with any concerns. They are always ready to lend a hand and meet with students to help them.
I really enjoyed some of the teachers at Haddon Township school district particularly those in the elementary schools and those who taught history and English in the Middle and High schools. The food was very bad and the administration was also poor. Lastly, the science department in particular in the High school was very poor. Teachers were lazy and rude.
Haddon Township is a great school. The teachers and coaches all care about the students. Experience with this school has been excellent. The small district is a great advantage for any student. I love how there is such a strong student participation in extracurricular activities.
An excellent place for students to be involved in multiple demanding activities at once such as the spring musical and outdoor track and field. It is common that students fill their schedules with various activities offered by the school and community.
Haddon Township High School had many opportunities to connect with the community. They offer a large array of
Clubs and activities to be able get
My high school experience has been great because I attend Haddon Township High School. This is an excellent school that never lets anyone down. From teachers to the academics, it’s all top notch.
Haddon Township School District has better teachers and resources than other surrounding districts. The schools encourage involvement in extracurricular activities heavily which provides strong sports teams, clubs, and members of the musical, theatrical and visual arts. This is an accomplished district. I would like to see more qualified teachers in the High School, but for the most part, there was a good staff.
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All of my teachers at Haddon Township High School have been fantastic! They’ve helped me grow so much both as a student and as a human being.
It's a pretty good school district teachers are great! It's a really good place for athletes and theater! I would've liked to see more put into other visual arts but that's definitely not the teachers faults at all they're amazing teachers! Another thing I'd like to see change is for teachers to actually do something about the troublesome kids, I knew at least like 2 kids that probably should've been expelled or something but weren't so, but again that's more a problem with the administration!
The teachers and faculty were incredible, since they all really care about their students. Whenever you need help, you can be sure that you will get it. The school itself was pretty nice, but not very "modern"; it's just like your average high school, appearance wise. There wasn't a ton of diversity, but it was honestly a good mix of students with differing opinions, ethnicities, and political stances. All in all, Haddon Township High School was insanely helpful with everything that I needed, and I truly believe that it is the only school in our state where a student can be in the marching band, straight A student, participate in the plays, and be the captain of a varsity sports team.
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