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Having grown up in HT it was important to me to ensure my children received the same quality education that I was afforded. Must to my dismay, the public education has significantly declined. Pros - greater diversity, AP classes, most elementary schools remain in walking distance. Cons- lack of transparency, no longer offer basic skills, honor roll, or SPACE/LEAP proagrms in grade school, non compliance with 504 plans, Weak Child Study team that is forced to avoid evaluations, addition of middle school with poor leadership and segregation of middle school students, low math and reading proficiencies, no child left behind mentality interrupted as push student through regardless of readiness, high student:teacher ratios with little support.
Great experience at Haddon Township High school all around. Truly focus on providing a wonderfully throroigh education for its students and prepping students for college
The school is pretty much average beside for the teachers and food everything is average sport ,academics,faculties, but there is not a lot of chose for classes
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I like that the community who make up the school are very close knit and caring. If there is ever an issue they all work together to resolve it. I do wish that there was more diversity and classes to choose from.
I liked Haddon Township High School, but if I were given the chance to go to a school with a stronger art program, I would.
I loved haddon twp schools. The schools were very supportive in any and all decisions you made as a student.
Teachers and staff meet and surpass expectations of a smaller suburban school. teachers go above and beyond inside and outside of the classroom. Building a relationship with the students, really getting to know the students. The counseling office is constantly offering their assistance. Sports depend on the year, but we always have school spirit whether our football team is having a good and bad year.
The teachers and staff are alway accommodating, polite and treat you like an adult. The counseling office spends the majority of their time preparing the students for college. As a current senior I feel as though they have gone above and beyond for their students. We now have accommodations like new bathrooms, iPads, air conditioning and the construction is complete.
Overall, I can't complain, as my mom works in terribly misfortunate districts and I'm happy to be above that. Nevertheless, my teachers were never great and they did not prepare us well in the college process.
This is a lovely suburban school nestled in an urban area. It is a walkable school for many students. The school atmosphere has been warm and accepting with highly skilled faculty and administration. The school was recently renovated to include AC and other upgrades. There is abundant activities and sports to play as well as a well respected and strong arts program.
Haddon Twp is a great place to send your kids the teachers are great and the parents are involved in the school. Teachers are always willing to help the kids and they encourage them to do their best. The kids thrive here. There is also help for the children who need it.
I attended Westmont k-12 and i have to say i did well. Teachers were grate, and set me up for success in college.
I loved that everyone in Haddon Township High School was pushed by the faculty and staff to try everything and go out of their comfort zones to broaden themselves. I would like to see a change in their science department however. Many of the teachers give too much work to their students and it over encumbers them.
For being such a small district, it was extremely easy to meet up with teachers for extra help. Every teacher is so determined to make sure that every kid understood whatever is being taught to the best of their ability. The iPads were such a great tool to have in the classroom because so many new opportunities to learn were created with them.
it is a good school district that looks out for all students including special needs. Most teachers are easy to work with and treat students fairly
I like the sense of community and that the school registers highly for college acceptance. I also like that when I do actually seek out a teacher's help they generally are willing to help where they can. I do not like that my children seem to fall between the cracks. Unless your child is an excellent student and in the top percent they seem to be ignored. I have had to seek out help for my children where I think the teachers should be contacting me to let me know that my child is struggling and how can they help. It is ALWAYS initiated by me. I also sense apathy where my son, especially, is concerned. Oh, he doesn't care or try so why should I? I also don't like that they take it upon themselves to let my child know all the ugly stuff that is out there in the world that they should take advantage of. Some of the "social building"days need to be changed.
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