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Hackensack School District Reviews

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Hackensack school district is literally amazing. From teacher, to students, from law enforcement to community. hackensack residents work as a group to ensure the very best for the children of hackensack. full of diverse activities, the school district ensures that the children learn their very best in many different ways.
Even though it’s a huge high school your teachers took an interest in every one of there students. Everyone in the facility new majority of the students name. It made you feel like family. They also kept the parents involved with students academics & progress.
My experience at Hackensack high school was amazing! I was a new transfer student from Staten Island New York , who was struggling. I arrived at Hackensack high , the teachers were so caring and outgoing. They truly cared to help their students. The diversity levels were great , I was exposed to many different students of different races and nationalities. My overal experience was very memorable and has a big effect on my future successes. I can’ t describe in words alone how great of a school it is , from sports to academics. I also did track my sophomore year and junior year which helped me stay fit and make a bunch of new friends for life! I loved and I don’t think the faculty receives enough credit for their hard work and efforts in helping us master what we are studying!
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My overall experience with Hackensack School District is beyond exceptional. Growing up in Hackensack and going to Hackensack schools since Pre-Kindergarten was awesome. I met a lot of great people who I became friends wth and stayed with all the way up to High school. The teachers are awesome here at Hackensack School District and im glad i was able to be a part of the Comets.
The Hackensack school district is overall a very diverse and happy place. I can honestly say that the last 7 years were great because I went to Hackensack High School.
My experience has been a pleasant one. Transition was easy. Culture and climate of this school is above average.
I'm a freshmen at Hackensack High School, I'm still getting to know HHS. Through, this short amount of time I have been in this school, I can't say what I would like to see change. However, I can say there are so many opportunities that one can take advantage of, but only if you put in the effort of taking these given opportunities.
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