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Hacienda La Puente Unified School District Reviews

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Los Altos High School is definitely a high school that I would recommend to this who are looking for a new high school. I enjoy being a part of such a legendary school. To any freshman, I would highly recommend the AVID program as it has prepared me for the college world.
It was alright, it had it's up's and downs. The sports were really good and the education could use some work. The food could really use work, they need way better options for food
This school is a great place to go. they got me ready enough to take my test. teachers were great and they were very helpful. i ended up passing my NCLEX and now going to a different school for my bachelors. i couldn't have done it without them.
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I’m currently attending Hacienda La Puente Adult Education as a Licensed Vocational Nursing Student. I graduate in 08/2019 and I am absolutely loving my journey so far. I am learning so much and I have amazing instructors. This school goes above and beyond expectations.
From my experience in the District, I have felt a push for academics, getting prepared for college, and my future in general. However, I have noticed that not everyone feels the same way. I believe a student's experience in the district is largely dependent on their own hope for the future.
I like that the school district gives recognition to female sports instead of only male sports. I feel that the school district does care about sports that involve girls such as the cheer team and the dance team because of the recognition they give the teams.
I like the fact that some teachers push college on you and push you to your limits, but some don’t and 95% of them don’t, which I wish they did so they would’ve made m realize earlier to do better in school.
it is a really great school especially in academics, a lot of the students soar and help out each other. Although not as diverse, the school has a multitude of options to choose from when they seek help.
I attended Wilson for all 4 years of high school and it was a great experience. The sports programs are ok they aren’t the best but can better. The food there is gross except for taco tuesday. The staff is pretty good at caring for the students there.
I would like to see more elective courses offered at Los Altos High School for instance that are fun and hands on. A lot of the ones provided are just levels higher of a certain one and I took a majority of the only ones that interested me because I took summer school all 4 years and I was running out of electives to choose from. I also feel the schools should be updated a lot more because everything is old and there’s roaches in class rooms. A newer look to classes would be better.
My experience in HLPUSD can be described dramatic because I came to this district was two years ago. When I came here I was a poor student with limited English and isolated with people. Gradually, with teachers’ help, my English get improve a lot and the teachers guided me on how to become a better person. The way I grew with struggles but also with sweetness!
The foods not that great, but that's what the snack lines are for. The teachers, personally I think, need some further evaluation on their teaching capabilities. It'd be nice for their to be more communication between counselors so we would actually know whats going on every now and then.
The School counselors have been awesome and gave parents good resources for the Senior year and the college application process. The teachers seem to care about the students and want to do a lot to help them succeed.
It was fun to see how HLPUSD has been able to transform over the years. It is always good to see that students continue to grow here and enjoy it.
I would like for them to stop focusing on the schools that are more updated and make the other school updated as well.
Although the Hacienda district lacks a bit in terms of funding, the sense of community for the schools in the district is very nice. The district board is somewhat well integrated to help improve experiences for students, parents, and staff.
I have been a part of this district since 1st grade, or for 12 years now. My experience has been good, I have had no problems with the staff or schools I have attended. I have a sister who is in the 1st grade at the moment and I will continue to watch her knowledge grow until she graduates and goes off to college. I also have two cousins, a junior and a 7th grader, in the district as well. I have seen all three of my family members' knowledge continue to grow and prosper.
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My school experience was over all good. It could be better. For example with recent event i feel our schools could have better safety plan and better drills to prepare us.
The things I liked about this District is the environment of the teachers and students. Everyone seems involved and encouraging to break out of your shell. The sports are very competitive as well so it is always fun to be apart of them.
Overall, my experience with the district has been mediocre. There are seemingly silly reforms that are not communicated effectively with the students. Frankly, it makes the leaders at HLPUSD look foolish. Furthermore, I personally feel like there is an overwhelming discrimination against students who want to pursue humanities. There is next to zero classes or activities that would advance a student's interest to pursue humanities. All the resources are being poured into STEM programs. It just isn't very balanced.
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