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Habersham County Schools, is a great school district. The staff focuses on the students and helping prepare the students for a bright future. Teachers at Habersham County High School will work with your kids, and be there for them always.
I started Habersham Central High School as a junior in high school to do dual enrollment and it was very nice. My counselor let me take the classes that I
wanted to I could be more advanced for when I got to college. I did soccer during my senior year and it was fun. The coaches were nice and welcoming and
it was great to meet new friends.
I enjoyed how individualized my educational experience was at habersham county high school. The counselor that I had helped me to get the classes I needed for college preparation. One thing that I did not like about the habersham county school system is how arbitrarily sexist school dress codes were. As well as the racism and bigotry that I was forced to put up with on a daily basis.
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Habersham County Schools is a public school system. It is in a beautiful, rural area of Northeast Georgia. It has grown a lot over the past few years, but it is still small enough so that each student has a place. My experience in this school system has been very positive, and I have had many opportunities to participate in anything I wanted to. I have played basketball since I was 5 years old, and I just finished my last season as a senior on the varsity Lady Raider team. All programs from arts and athletics to academics have strong foundations in which to aspire to become a part of. The community here in Habersham is very supportive of the school system. I am proud to say that I am part of the Raider Nation. Once a Raider, always a Raider!
Habersham County Schools are so good. The teachers and the whole administration put their students first and they want them to succeed.
I both went to Habersham County schools and now have kids there. It’s a great school system. I couldn’t see myself or my kids anywhere else.
Great place to grow up and to make life long friends. Even though I struggled with a learning disability, I had excellent help from teachers who cared and wanted to see me succeed.
Habersham County Schools are a good wholesome environment for children to be pushed and thrive in their education.
What I have enjoyed over the last few years of attending school in Habersham County is that the teachers are always striving to engage their students more and more every single day. They make me want and come learn.
My daughter and my son started in the Habersham County School system in 8th grade and 7th grade, respectively. My daughter has excelled academically from the beginning. My son has excelled academically, and is involved in sports from the beginning. He never played any school sports previously.
The atmosphere is a great place for a child to learn. It is safe and the teachers really know what they are doing. I enjoyed getting to grow up in the Habersham County Schools system!
What I would like changed at some habersham county schools is how the teachers treat students. Some teachers are rude for no reason and others are nice.
Habersham County Schools are overall pretty good schools. They provide a fair amount of diversity among the students and I have not seen any aggression towards their peers due to race. Habersham schools have excellent academics, they provide different levels of courses that best suit the student and rigor they are willing to take. What would make these schools better would be if they provided IB programs at the high school.
The reason I like habersham county schools is because they challenge you in everyway possible and make you a better person
I have had a pretty good experience attending this school system. It has allowed me to maximize my learning opportunities and development over the years.
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