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My kids go to Duncan Creek Elementary and are in 2nd and 4th grades! They have had the MOST fantastic experience here! My son has an IEP that he was put on in first grade and is excelling with it!!! Love this school!!!
Gwinnett County has numerous opportunities and they are very organized but there are two many tests.
I have been a part of Gwinnett County Public Schools since kindergarten. Both of my parents have been teachers in GCPS schools for more than twenty years. They both are now in leadership positions as Assistant Principals. I am an aspiring Speech-Language Pathologist. After obtaining my degree, I intend on working for GCPS. I will be able to give back the community and system that made me into the person that I am today.
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Gwinnett County Schools do an amazing job with their AP Program. Their Sports programs are in line with all the other counties and offer a variety of sports.
The food was garbage. Always brought my lunch. Teachers were all pretty great but there were some who sucked. I’d say that in general, classes and everything prepared me fairly well but college classes are way different. Prepare yourself more than you think you need to
Gwinnett County is a good school district. The schools are very academically rigorous and focus on having high standards on test scores.
Overall, Gwinnett County Public Schools are well maintained and updated, both, structurally and educationally. Something that stands out to me from the schools, is the unity from the students towards a common goal and how they all help each other to succeed with the help of good instructors and mentors. A suggestion to better county schools would be providing the students with more technological involvement, finding a way to relate more to the student body, as well as teachers being more personal with their students in the sense of perceiving themselves as individuals, not only teachers. This way, students will feel more encouraged and feel more comfortable asking questions, than when they do not feel they can trust the teacher.
Gwinnett county public schools are very good and highly ranked for their good academic performances. I can highly testifier to this because Brookwood high school, the type of gwinnett county school i attend has made me very strong in my academics by strengthening my language skills and scientific skills because i use not like biology but due to the support i got from my teacher, i learned to like biology and i was also not fluent in English, but now i can speak fluently because of how supportive my teachers were and how patient they were with me. In my school, there are good competitive people, this helped me to be determined.
Gwinnett County Public Schools are very good when it comes with their effort to try to get their students to preform well academically, but it results many tests and exams which can lead to burn out for the students.
I think there are to many restrictions in learning that do not let the students express their creativity, but over all Grayson High School is a good school, when they aren’t so focused on Football. Their slogan should be changed to “First comes learning...after Football”.
There’s a lot of diversity in almost all gwinnett county high schools. Being the largest county in Gwinnett causes the schools to seem a bit lackluster. There are a lot of rules that are over the top sometimes but in the end they are just trying to their best to help students receive their high school education. The food is terrible though, and most of it seems fake. I don’t feel ready for college, to be honest, with most of my classes seeming worthless for the future. There are a lot of different clubs around Gwinnett County and a lot of volunteering opportunities.
Gwinnett county Schools are very good. I am getting an excellent education. They should consider going to a block schedule..classes are too short. Longer class times would help in some classes. The teachers are great. The art program at North Gwinnett high school is amazing. I have been studying art since kindergarten and it was good that they have this available to all students.
My overall experience In the Gwinnett County public school district has been amazing . There are a lot of opportunities in Gwinnett compared to where I grew up in Texas . One thing I would love to see change , and actually exited to see change is the school spirt / student involvement at my High School(Discovery Hs) . I’m excited to see the student involvement rate sky rocket. Discovery is only on its 4th year and has improved tremendously since our first year but still needs a lot of work.
I’ve been in the GCPS system my whole life. I love G.Co for always acknowledging the students here and making sure that we feel welcomed. It’s a great school system with tons of great schools!
The Gwinnett County Public Schools System is the best school district in all of Georgia, and I stand by that statement. I genuinely believe that there is no better Georgian public school system that offers so much diversity and opportunities to grow and become ready for college.
I have had 3 children in the Gwinnett County Public School System, including one with special needs, and have had a great experience from elementary all the way up to high school.
Gwinnett County Public Schools is an above average, public school district. It is very diverse and is also in one of the faster growing counties in Georgia
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What I liked about Gwinnett County Schoolsis they provide many resources for students academic purposes. The teachers are very skilled and enthusiastic with their career. My school, Grayson High, includes many clubs and activities that students can join to be involved with school activities and making new friends. One important aspect of our school is being able to meet a diverse group of people and that helps others including myself learn about different cultures. I love attending my school for learning subjects that will benefit me in college and I love making new friends each day.
Gwinnett County lays emphasis on high quality input from students and as a result demands the best from it's teachers. The graduation requirements are also challenging and credit recovery programs are very good.
I mainly went to 1 school only and I find Discovery High School excellent. My peers from other schools don't find their school as good, but it's still average (GCPS ones).
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