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Not a great school district. Very overrun with students and below adequate utlitlies. Teachers try their best but it’s not enough when they district is broke and can’t afford basic things. Hard to get a proper education when the teachers are spending 80% of class translating or helping the non English speaking students understand. Not a very good school to prep you for the real world. Also has a drug problem.
I liked nothing about the school. I would like to see the building to updated because it’s really old
I was in Guymon Public Schools for 8 years. I really enjoyed attending because of how small the classroom size and the attention every one of us received.
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I graduated from Guymon High School and have spent all my years of education here. From what I have experienced Guymon schools are wonderfully diverse with 40(ish) different languages and dialects. However, the different cultures were never celebrated. Academically, Guymon schools are meh. They teachers are wonderful however, but they're working with terrible resources. They do the best with what they're given and for that I'm grateful. Thanks to the people working at Guymon High School, including administration, I'm attending my 1st choice of college. Guymon is not an A+ school but the loving and helpful workers strive to help their students succeed.
I liked being apart of the sports! Softball was a great way for me to make friends that I will keep forever. I would like to see a more variety for lunch because some of the students don't like to eat the lunch because they don't like what the school offers.
Guymon Public Shools have an average quality. The education is good but it lacks of certain equipment. The school have good rules and the educators are very good explaining the different sections. The communication between teacher and student is very appreciable. Guymon High School has a nice environment to learn.
I liked the quite town environment that Guymon is and also how small the town is means that each student can be made a focus. I would like the attitude to change; teachers recently have gotten out of the excitement of teaching, instead it's more about the paycheck.
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