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Guthrie Public Schools Reviews

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Success at Guthrie schools depends more on who you know and who you're related to than what you know. They don't pay teachers well, so it's hard to find good teachers and hard to retain them, so often settle for warm body in classrooms. Students find college difficult after making 4.0 at Guthrie.
While Guthrie is an average school district; the amount of parent involvement in student activities make living in a small community so worth it. Academically wise it is just like anywhere else your children will get out of it what they put into it. There is a lot of money spent on athletics and it is definitely a Friday Night Lights town but I love the fact that I know the parents of lots of my kid's friends. Sports are HIGHLY encouraged.
Good school, excellent administration. More activities should be introduced to allow more people to feel included and not left out. Other than that it’s a good school.
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Great place to learn. Teachers are excellent. The class room teacher to student ratio is excellent. Many activities available and great community participation.
More college preparation needed! Overall a great school with teachers that take time out of their day to help students that need it. The cafeteria food is really bad, expecially for a student that receives free lunches so has no other choice.
Guthrie public schools have great teachers, for the most part most of them accept you as their own. They genuinely care about your education. Sports here in Guthrie are average, football is what this town is about. The schools are very old and could see some work as well.
I really enjoyed that everybody knew everybody, even though the school was a 5A school. The administration were very nice and encouraging. The teachers were prepared to help students succeed. The activities were enjoyable as well.
Good, but it needs better funding. I love this small town though. Mainly focuses on football. The band is great, as I am a part of it and have experienced it. A cozy school district.
Several teachers care, but many are "coach types" who put little effort into the course material. I had to take AP of everything available to stay engaged and challenged.
My experience at Guthrie High School has made a positive impact on my life overall, ultimately has shaped me to my accepting of all different kinds of people. The educational side of Guthrie has its ups and downs but has been solid.
The schools were full of good people most of the time, but occasionally veered into the displeasing side of things. Some teachers were all about helping students while others seemed too busy. Another issue was that the staff was more interested in the test scores than what the students were actually learning. Due to this issue, some students would slip in their studies and fail assignments and tests becoming the issue that their teachers sought to avoid. Overall upkeep of the schools was sometimes frankly disgusting. As if the bad cafeteria food wasn't enough, the restrooms were almost constantly a mess. Also, my friends and I had issues with getting our transcripts sent to other schools due to a select few members of the staff. Needless to say that I am glad to be a graduate and no longer a student.
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