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Gustine Unified School District Reviews

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Overall the high school was really good. They had fantastic teachers who loved their jobs and who taught things that i wouldn’t learned by myself. All though it was a small school and it did not have that much programs, we got through easily. All the staff and teachers put in their best efforts to make us feel welcomed and comfortable. The material taught by the teachers helped us alot, especially because the teachers are so great at teaching it. We have diverse teachers with multicultural backgrounds and students related to their backgrounds. This helped us be more comfortable and want go learn more than just go to school to sit and learn for 6 hours. I must say that Gustine High School was a fantastic school when I went. I am sure going to miss it, hopefully one day i can go back.
I moved here at the beginning of Sophmore year. It was hard to find friends because the kids there didn't really talk to people they didn't know. Having that experience changed me and now when there is a new kid, I make sure to talk to them and ask if they want to sit with us. Because after going through that I know how it feels and want to show others how to spread positivity through this school. All the teachers here are awesome. They truly care about how the students are doing and in bad situations, they calm us and down and explain what to do better because they believe in us. Another thing I love about this school district is that they have a student board member, to represent the student body at Gustine High School. The 2020-2021 school year will be the second year of them doing this and actually I have won the votes of the school and will be representing them at the board meetings. I am so excited and grateful that they are giving me the chance to help speak up for my peers.
I am a senior student at Gustine High School. The school is very family orientated. The food is average freezer food. The staff are very friendly and want the best for their students. The change I’d like to see is more diversity and change in the academics.
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It is a good district overall. The teachers are good teachers do try their best to give the students the education that they deserve. The overall staff and feel of the schools is very welcoming and memorable as well.
I enjoy how small the campus and student body is as this makes it seem more welcoming. You can also work one on one with a teacher if you are need of assistance.The technology could be updated and we could use more electives but other then that its great.
I enjoyed studying at GHS. The teachers were awesome and supporting, although the school's curriculum was generally easy and boring. The student involvement declined over the years, but we had some of the best student sections at sport events. In total, I think there's a lot of potential here, but also a lot of needed improvements.
I like how many people get involved in activities, especially at our rallies. Our teachers make the best effort to teach us the subject and pass with a passing grade. I would like to see change the environment, to make it a better place.
I like the small school atmosphere. There is more student to teacher aspects in which I enjoy. I also like the student involvement in the community. The teachers are great. The counselors at the high school are fantastic.
Gustine Unified School District needs a lot of improvement in bringing the school together. With the food being better, the teachers interacting with students more, etc..
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