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Gunnison Watershed School District No. RE-1J Reviews

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GHS prepares its students academically for college, but lacks in time management training. With lax due dates and forgiveness policies. These policies fail to prepare students for the strict deadlines of college. Sports and clubs were less abundant than many other high schools in the country but other individual programs were offered to make up for the lack of clubs. They provide an excellent outdoor education course, that should be noted as a positive towards the entire school.
I like how the teachers will always be there when you need them. If you fall behind you can always get help to get back on your feet.
Gunnison High School is a place the feels very safe. Because it is a smaller school it is very easy to communicate with your teachers and get involved in school activities. One thing that i dislike about attending this school is that sports aren't taken very seriously and it is very hard to excel in them.
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Its a nice school with good classes and clubs. One thing I would like is the SLC to have more boundaries.
while going to Gunnison watershed school district my whole life i have grown quite close to it. With all of the amazing faculty that have taught me through my school career i believe that they have gotten me ready for life after high school.
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