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I’m a foster kid that graduated from Gull Lake. The school helped me graduate on time and supported me. I was behind in my classes after my mom left me. I was living with different families, until the state found me a foster home out of the district. I had a teacher that picked me up everyday and brought me home, just so I could continue to attend school. I finally found a home in the district, which allowed me to finish senior year at my high school. I played basketball on the varsity team.

It has been a tough experience, but I am determined to go to barber school, get my license, and be a contributing member of society. I want to be proud of all my hard work, and make a really bad situation better. I would be so grateful for this scholarship, as I have no money. It would be hard to pay for school, transportation, food, clothes, etc on my own.
I loved Gull Lake, I just think they need to be more welcome to those of ethnic backgrounds. You could tell there were some kids who felt like they were being racially neglected, and the diversity was very low. Myabe 10% are black, hispanic, or of an asian background. Meanwhile the rest of the school is white. The money is a huge factor. I dont think the school like to comment on the issue of some kids being more wealthier and making others feel like crap about it.
Gull Lake has a great Early College Program, good teachers and a great counseling team. The school seems to have a good security system set up and it's a newer facility with a lot of new updates coming.
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Great options for academics with many advanced programs, also off site Education for Employment opportunities if you don’t feel college is right for you. Early College programs available for those ready to get started at community college level while still technically in high school. Just about any sport or group you could want on campus. Downfalls are that there is no pool for swimming on campus and no auditorium. You have to have band concerts in the gym in hard backless bleachers with no air conditioning and plays are on a small stage in the cafeteria. Most teachers are good but you really have to put yourself out there or you could remain anonymous pretty much your entire high school career.
Gull Lake high school is a fantastic school system that has helped me to see the potential that I have within me. I have the opportunity to take a wide variety of classes, including classes that pertain to my career. The students themselves are respectful to their peers and the staff and I have heard of little complaints in the classrooms. I would love to see more diversity and maybe an auditorium, but other than that I love it there.
Small enough that teachers and staff know you, but large enough to offer a variety of class and extracurricular options.
Great school. Most teachers care about students success and are willing to help students succeed. Guidance department is very helpful and friendly.
IT'S a very great school! Many good students and staff! There are great programs like the 5 year program. I'D love for an aditurum to be built and pool!
Although gulllake has a great Curriculum ! It's hit the best school. A lot of bullying happens, and all the problems are pushed under the rug!
Having three children attend Gull Lake Community Schools has overall been a great experience. There are many resources available to students as well as class choices.
Gull lake is set in a nice community, a bit small, but very kind hearted and strong. The school itself is very nice, having been built in 2007, it doesn't seem like a traditional high school, it feels more modern and is a great environment. The school does not have an auditorium, however all other Gull Lake facilities are incredibly nice.
Gull Lake is a very great school both academically and socially. I have gone to Gull Lake my entire life and I love it. I've been in many programs that Gull Lake has to offer: choir, peer to peer, dialogue club, anti-bullying clubs and a few others. Gull Lake has really been a great school and has encouraged me to become the person I am today. I love Gull Lake and I'm proud to be apart of the graduating class of 2017!
Gull Lake Community Schools is a district with little diversity but immense school pride. In my time here, I have noticed there is heavy involvement between parents and schools, as well as community and school. Gull Lake prepares students for later education, especially a four year college. There isn't a day in that school district where college isn't mentioned, and they want to do all they can to get you there. Whether it be open houses for applications, organized college visits, bi-annual PSAT testing, or guest speakers, Gull Lake is preparing it's students to get there. For students like myself who want to further their education, it is a positive place to grow.
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