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I am currently a Senior at Gulfport High School. I have been enrolled in the Gulfport School District since Kindergarten. The teachers in the Gulfport School District has encouraged me to do my best and to the best in everything I do. They encouraged me to work hard all through my years of school. They taught me to be a problem solver, lifelong learner and a productive member of society. Since I was in 6th Grade the Gulfport School District has prepared me for the ACT for College. I believe that they have gotten me ready for college in so many ways. The Gulfport School District has helped to direct my way in life. I would not change anything about the Gulfport School District.
Starting as any freshman , year of 2015 initially it was scary , as for many, new people everywhere , Going from the eldest in middle school to the youngest in this utterly new environment. Prior to my going , I had family attend Gulf port High , in which made my experience some what better . However, as time progressed I made family with not only my fellow students but with teachers that benefit till this very day as a senior. Through the ups and downs of my four years at Gulf port High , I can overall say my experience was exactly four stars.
I like that the Gulfport School District seems to be more professional than the other school districts in the area. The large area that the district covers is incredible and that allows for a large amount of diverse students to learn from each other. As for the academics, the services were very good, but my only complaint is that they do not seem to ready the students for life outside of school. It is even more noticeable because in its mission statement it states that its goal is to prepare students to be a "productive member of society." Yet overall, the Gulfport school district is a very good school district.
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The mission of the Gulfport School district is to inspire each student to become a problem solver, life long learner, and a productive member of society. I can say with full confidence that the school district embodies and accomplishes every aspect of that mission statement. It is truly a wonderful school district, and I would not trade my experience for the world. It is something like none other in their facilities, classes, and college preparedness. They are number one in everything they do, and there is truly a place for everyone here!
Overall, my experience with Gulfport School District has been outstanding. I like the fact that we do hands on learning. I do not like the fact that, at the end of the year, our knowledge is based off of one test.
Administration listening to the students and parents more. Thats really the only big problem there. If us students have an issue, they never really listen to us. If you here something bad going in gulfport school district 9 times out of 10 it was said on social media because thats the only way to get their attention.
It provided me with career readiness as well as many opportunities to choose from to further my education.
Gulfport School District's main focus is preparing all of their students for the real world. From allowing students to graduate with College degrees to having multiple opportunities to have hands on experiences with a career field, Gulfport has found a way to reach out to all students and benefit their futures.
I would like to see better food choices and also better communication from teacher to student. Yea, sometimes we get aggravated but nothing is worse than a teacher giving up on you.
There's a really good sense of security especially since we have the new school now. The administrators also take care of things in a fast and timely manner. Any time you have a question they're open to help. The teachers are also always open to helping when you need it.
I really like it cuz it a nice school .
Uguys should try it out it really nice the sport there are very good the teachers too.are nice to students.
I am from a military family and moved to Gulfport in 7th grade. I toured the schools in the area because I had already taken the 7th-grade math class here. Other schools told me I would just have to retake the class, but Gulfport was willing to work with me. I am now entering junior year at Gulfport High, and I love GHS. The high school offers almost 20 AP classes, several honors classes, dual credit classes, and amazing ACT prep. Most of the teachers are amazing and really love their subjects, but there are a few who don't really know what they are teaching. Sometimes the guidance/administrators are difficult to get a hold of, especially in person, but if you keep trying, you'll eventually get to them. The school district is probably the best one in the area in terms of achieving, with top ACT scores in the state and several Eminent Scholars and National Merit Semifinalists each year.
I went to Gulfport High School, the school makes sure that you're ready for college. The teachers are always there to help you; they make you feel like you belong there. I admit things will get hard at times but with the help of your peers and the Admiral family you will get better . The school doesn't really need to approve on anything. Yes, some students could try more but this school is really like a college atmosphere. I like Gulfport High School and I hope others do too.
The Gulfport School District is like a family. They strive to make sure you are where you need to be educational wise. They strive to make sure that everyone is on the same page. They have wonderful staff that put you first. They made my senior year a breeze.
The Gulfport School District is a great school district they are dedicated to making their students college ready
I have really enjoyed my 4 years at Gulfport High school the teachers and Counslora are really caring and always ready to help any student advance to the next level. Being at this school has taught me to become a strong leader and to alway to my best and never quit. The only thing I would change is adding more attivites for student and teacher to do together.
I loved having a chance to take a class based on what I wanted to do for my life. I loved the health science program at at Gulfport because I had the best hands on experience and chances to go to two different hospitals to see all the different medical careers. I am also really into music so I loved being in a great choir along with the orchestra which I have been in since 4th grade. Gulfport School District has given me so many options to look at and experience to help further my education.
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My experience in the Gulfport school district was amazing. I went to Gulfport schools during all of my years k-12 and enjoyed all of them. I never felt that I was not being challenged enough mentally or physically, but sometimes thought that the work and activities were too advanced, but they were clearly preparing us for college. I now attend the University of Southern Mississippi and I am so grateful that I had a head start on how college works: the teachers, deadlines, and maturity that I have to possess in order to be able to balance my social life and school. I really appreciate the Gulfport school district because not only did we have high academic levels, but also we felt that extra curricular activities was important as well. Sports, clubs, ROTC, and visual/musical arts were not the top priority over education, but they were still highly appreciated which made us as students feel more appreciated and needed.
As a student who has attended three levels of schools in the Gulfport School District, I feel that this is a great place for students to get an education. It has a very friendly and hardworking staff who strive their students to succeed. Each year Gulfport is constantly top in the state in test scores and while test scores are not everything, this is certainly some evidence that the Gulfport School District is one of the best in the state.
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