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Guilford pupils schools provides a good education for students in the grades kindergarten to 12th grade. The academics are advance. I with the school offered a larger variety of elective/life skill classes.
It's overall a very inclusive and accepting place. Many of the faculty are willing to listen to students' voices and concerns while going out of their way to give them the opportunities they need to succeed.
There can be a lack in communication between students and faculty; the transition to information shared via email in the high school was an abrupt jump from middle school so many kids don't check their school emails and miss important information.
I really enjoy Guilford High School. My time there has been fun. I have enjoyed everything except the teachers. My freshman year, I didn’t like the majority of my teachers. In sophomore year, I like my teachers a lot more!
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great experience, teachers work hard and the area is beautiful. Would 100% recommend attending this school.
Very academically challenging with good rigor. Teachers are very invested in the students and their success, some more than others. The facilities are state of the art with a new $92 M high school.
Because of the new school we recently acquired, the administration is extremely strict and has eliminated almost all senior privileges. Being a senior, this is very frustrating not having the freedom I deserve. The school weighs on both sides of the scale, with great teachers and unprofessional ones, having a more balanced staff would greatly benefit the education of the student body.
Guilford public schools provide a safe system for all students and a very engaged and welcoming community. Brand new high shhol facility is beautiful and a wonderful learning environment. Administration has been activietly involved in recently passing the IB program in our system!
The work load at GHS is tough if you fall behind because lots of the teachers expect you to put your all in for every class which is simply not possible. Also if you have depression and ADHD like me, it's hard to stay in pae with all the other students. I found the administration very restricting. It kinda felt like the whole place had a facade to it. Al of my friends have been miserable there. BUT the education IS really good. (Also the best fencing team in the state)
I have enjoyed my time at GHS. I was lucky to have been able to take advantage of a brand new school for my last 2 yrs of high school. The school is beautiful with amazing athletic, music/theater arts and technology resources.
I would like to see some of the administration change, for I feel that certain members of said administration are not making the right decisions when it comes to their students.
Guilford High School has provided me with a tremendous opportunity for personal cognitive and social growth through its supportive and collaborative environment.
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