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Guilford county schools is a great district they provide almost anything that a student may need they also have programs to help students excel such as middle and early colleges. they also have GCS say yes! program which helps students pay for college.
I’d like to see all students included even if they go to a school that is underfunded or almost all one race. The administration tends to provide benefits for those that don’t deserve it just because they are a certain minority race.
There are many options for school as far as public,magnet, or private school. The quality so far is been great for my family.
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Guilford County Schools offers several excellent academic programs, including Early and Middle Colleges and IB/AP programs. However, some schools have poor facilities and academic programs, especially schools in poorer neighborhoods. The quality and expertise of teachers vary widely by school and program, but they are fairly good overall.
It’s pretty good obviously no system is perfect and sometimes the things Guilford County schools makes you do is sometimes not necessary
My experience was underwhelming , of course we're just there to go to school but they don't do anything or have any special ceremonies for you to be excited about going to school. They should really promote and do better activities for students as they're attending schools.
I went to Kernodle middle school and Northwest high school. These were both amazing schools. I met a lot of my current longtime friends, I grew a lot as a person in both of these schools mentally, physically, emotionally and in all aspects of life.
The schools were great, they all were ready to compete in activities such as sports, the teachers were good, they knew how the best possible ways for students to learn the material in class, the food was average at best. and parents were always involved in their child's future. Overall it's a very good district.
I attend The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and I absolutely love it. There are so many fun activities and so many nice and new people to meet. This school is very welcoming with all of the beautiful scenery and the amazing teachers who are there to help you along the way through your college experience. The food is amazing with so much variety and I wouldn't choose any other university.
Something I’d like to see change is the involvement of counselors with students. Counselors should have more one on one time with their students and know more about their future endeavors.
It is a pretty average public high school. Overall, the academics at my high school, Page, were fairly good, with the exception of our science department. Our math and history departments were fairly good, and our foreign language was adequate but left something to be desired, namely more variety in the choices of language. If you didn't wan't to learn Spanish, French, or Latin, then you were pretty much out of luck.
My experience at Guilford County schools have been good but I wish they would do something about the food and have more events for the students.
I just graduated from the GCS system and I must say looking back on my experience I am pretty prepared for college. I participated in the early middle college program for high school which helped prepare me for the next steps after graduation. I do not feel that attending traditional high school I would have gotten the same preparedness. The food is terrible, however, with so many wonderful opportunities, it's worth packing a lunch.
I love that they give you the opportunity to grow and improve, no child get left behind, I feel safe, amazing teachers and staff, I love the diversity, helping hands, have teachers work with you one on one, and I love the energy, strictly against bullying, good rules, and above all, acceptance.
What I personally like about guilford county is the diversity in every school i've gone to, as a latino american it may be hard to fit in sometimes but i have never had an issue feeling wanted at school by my peers
The thing I like about Guildford County schools is the atmosphere and diversity. Over my 13 years of schooling, I have met so many people and have made many great connections. The activities and clubs I have joined over the past couple of years have helped prepare me for my future and gave me insight about the world around me. I feel that these 13 years of school have prepared me for the real word. Thanks to Guildford County I know how to be placed in a new environment and meet new people, I've learned how to work as a team, and I've learned how to be comfortable with myself. Guildford County may not be the best district in the world, but they helped me to be the person I am today and I am very thankful.
Guilford county schools was an excellent outlet for a great environment for studies. The county provided the necssary technology and staff for students to progress into their future careerss and academic growth and success.
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Public schools here everyone is judged based on their families income. There are however some academy in this area where none of that matters, everyone is treated equally. Math and Science schools are excellent here with lots of students to be friends with.
At the beginning of the year, one of the high schools, High Point Central, had two shootouts between the students and school officers. The worst part is that there is a middle school right next to it, Ferndale Middle School, which had to undergo a lockdown. Our bus drivers are quitting left and right and the ones who stay do whatever they want. Ferndale Middle School hasn't met state requirements on test scores in about 12 years, and their books haven't been updated for longer than that. The teachers practically gave up teaching in that school telling students not to worry about their EOG's because they haven't learned the material yet, and it's almost the end of the school year. The Early Middle Colleges seem to be the only redeeming factor in this district. I can't speak for Greensboro schools, but High Point's make you feel like prisoners.
I love the different volunteer programs that are offered for all ages. Staff and students are very supportive of each other. Wish there was more update resources.
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