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Guilderland High School offered a wide variety of opportunities for varied learning styles. The sports and music programs are among the best in our region. New technology initiatives like issuing all students chrome books, keep our students on the cutting edge and current. Additional student supports like Sources of Strength (a peer led support program) and an "in building" therapy therapy dog allow students a safe place to seek counseling and assistance as needed throughout their day. Best Buddy programs and Unified Sports encourage inclusiveness. Advanced Placement classes and college courses, as well as a Career Exploration Internship Program and advanced Vocational Training present a well rounded learning environment.
A school with strong community for all kinds of students. It has a very accepting faculty, and is very inclusive in general. It has fantastic programs for musics, the arts, and theatre. The school is also a great environment for students with special needs as well and has a unified basketball and bowling team. The food could be greatly improved. Teachers are very helpful for the most part. If yours is unavailable it isn't too difficult to visit a different teacher or one you had a previous year; they are all willing to help.
The people are extremely kind and the guidance counselors are very helpful in terms of getting their students involved and discussing college. The education has also made me a better person both intellectually and emotionally.
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Most of the teachers are nice except for a few— but that’s expected. Our math and science department has only one or two standouts where you genuinely learn, the rest try and are very nice, but if math and science aren’t your thing, you’ll probably struggle. Our English department is similar, a few standouts, and others that aren’t. The art and music department are very strong, as well as lucrative. Strongest department is our history department. Every teacher is very good at their job, and teaches you a lot!

Guilderland’s facilities are dated. Many of us students joke that it looks like a prison from the outside. Most classrooms don’t even have a/c or heat it seems. It’s hard at the end of the year when you’re prepping for finals and regents and find that you can’t concentrate because your classroom is a sauna.
We have had a great experience at Guilderland. The students are engaged and the faculty is responsive to the student's needs. We have children involved in sports and the theatre/Music programs which are both run well. I would like to see a better approach of how classes are chosen going from FMS to the high school. The middle school guidance counselors really don't know what the schedules or the options are at the HS and many of the students are just given the "mainstream choices" For example, my daughter wanted to take art and chorus but her guidance counselor at FMS said that she couldn't do both. I had to talk to the art administrator and the music administrator to find out that his was not in fact true. For my younger two, I talked directly to the High school guidance counselor who have much better knowledge of how the highschool schedule works.
Guilderland is a great place to grow up. Many of the teachers care about how you are doing and will help you succeed. They have many diverse classes for everyone so anyone can find something they are interested in. My only complaint is that money tends to go to the sports teams rather than actual classes. There were many times our ceilings were leaking but we still have the latest football equipment.
Guilderland helped shape me into a strong and smart individual. I was able to learn life lessons here and form life-long friends and memories. Guilderland helped me to think in a new and creative way and make me successful in my academics.
Guilderland is a wonderful school..but in the High school some of the faculty is not as great. The rules are also a lot tougher than at some other schools.
I joined the Guilderland High School in 2014. It was a whole new experience. The main thing that I like about the school is the diversity. There are lot of students from many countries. The teachers and their way of teaching is commendable. The school never makes you feel lonely at any time. I feel proud to say that I am going to graduate from Guilderland High School.
The administration is too involved and hovers over students. Facilities are run down and not updated. Clubs and sports are out of money and don't have enough to continue running.
Well I have recently moved to New York from Florida, and honestly everyone is so nice here and they make you feel comfortable. Every student is extremely nice and they don't judge by the way you look or speak. Softball was very fun and I just wish it could still be going on now.
The quality of education in the Guilderland system ranged from average to excellent and was dependent on the teachers I had.

My biggest problems were at FMS. Most of my teachers were unable to challenge me properly in class. In 6th grade, I remember getting in trouble in my math class because I was talking to the other kids at my desk group and disrupting them. This was usually because I had needed two minutes to finish the worksheet that almost everyone else needed at least ten to fifteen minutes to complete. My teacher wouldn't allow me to read a book and didn't give me any extra work to do. I was expected to sit and wait. I experienced this again and again throughout middle school. The only reason I got anything out of those three years was my Enrichment teacher. I spent every morning in Enrichment programs like Law Club, History Club, and Math Olympiad. It was the highlight of my day when I was pulled out of class to attend one of Mrs. Escobar's advanced Reading or Math course.
Teachers and faculty are kind and helpful. Offers wide variety of classes. The High School building is old and has many leaks in the ceiling, including in the band room. The fact that there is a new scoreboard going in on the football field even though the band room has a leaky ceiling seems a little off putting to me. Leaks have been consistent and unfixed over four years.
This school district gave me the tools to succeed after I graduate high school. The education, wasn't perfect, but was satisfactory.
My experience at Guildrland High School has been great so far. This school is filled with people who always want to help you suceed. Driven teachers have led to driven students. At our school there is a strong community of leaders that is willing to help others at almost all costs. The enviornment that has been created at my school has been one of the leading factors contributing to my sucess.
I am very proud to say that I am a member of Guilderland High School and have been for the past three and a half years. Being my senior year, I have really reflected on just what the school has offered me academically and socially. The teachers I have had throughout my years here have been absolutely wonderful and nothing short of encouraging and passionate about their students. The wide variety of clubs and activities that are offered are a great way to get involved and meet new people. The school atmosphere, especially this year, is truly something special. We have had the most school spirit and pride this year than the school has seen in a long time and it is great to experience. My years at Guilderland High School have been great and I am really going to miss it next year.
I I've Guilderland schools. I have attended there all my life and if I had to do it all over again then I would most definitely choose Guilderland to do so. I have created and kept so many wonderful relationships from attending Guilderland schools, and I have learned so much that I will take with me and remember for the rest of my life.
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