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Groveport Madison Local School District Reviews

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Some bright minds can be found within the school but there are many that don't do what they are supposed to do and disrupt classes for others.
We love Groveport Madison school district-Asbury Elementary. Our kids are nurtured, able to prosper & excel in their academics as well as individuals.
This district has gotten better but could use more work. My child dies go to a charter school and loves it. I do refuse to put him in the public elementary school.
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The teachers are devoted to their students, the gifted program in k-8 is extremely lacking. At the high school level, there are a few AP programs, but not as many as other options. The kids are rowdy, but there is an aspect of social respect. Your average high school bullying doesn’t really happen here.
Great experience, stuff is amazing. I like the environment of this school. They have just builed the new building.
lexis duncan graduated 2018 what a great school gave her a free of college due to having enought credit to graduate early
Need to tigthen our school boarders. To many kids from communities that dont care about our school and our community.
I would like to see the teachers care about the students more. The kids with learning disabilities I feel like get forgotten or labeled as the "bad kids"
Very few of the teachers were good, the ones that were though were amazing. Counselors were great. Administration was not understanding and failed to resolve conflicts.
It is an ok school. The teachers and staff are ok. The safety of the students are ok, the security guards and staff handle the situations well. The school is a little chaotic at times but nothing you can't handle.
Groveport Madison is a great school . They are building a brand new school and it will open next school year and I think more people will transfer to the school.
The school is what you make of it. It has a great staff and plenty of AP options. Don't let the stigma people have given it turn you away. I have had a great experience there.
Middle of the road school district with good diversity. Looking forward to the new school being ready for use next year. Wish the sports programs were better.
The thing I like most about Groveport is majority of the teachers. They know how to get involved with the students and teach in a way that allows almost everyone to succeed. I do not like how Groveport does not support the higher learning classes. For example AP classes. They are setting a minimum requirement on how many people have to be in a class and will take away that class if not enough people sign up. I do not like this because it takes the learning opportunities of students who wanted to take that class and have more of a challenge. I also think Groveport should find a way to include more college classes at the high school, because majority of them have to be taken on line or a student has to find a way to get to a college campus. If teachers could be found to teach the college classes it would be more beneficial to the students.
My experience was average. There were definitely things I would have changed about my school. With that being said, I also know that I could have had a worse experience in high school.
I started in the Groveport Madison school district in 2nd grade. Groveport's education process is progressing with the times, meaning that schools are now equipped with a good set of technological advances. Also a new high school is being built this year (2017), it is to be bigger and better than the previous high school. Be that as it may, the food is subpar and not worth the price. The current high school is falling apart and the athletic department needs major work. Although, I will say that I gained life long friends and met some great teachers and faculty. There is a real community vibe at Groveport.
At Groveport Madison High School there is a great staff who care about the students. However this leads to not the greatest academics throughout the school and many cases where students get away with more than they should.
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GMHS is a very diverse school, not only in relation to the person's skin color but also in the people you meet when just walking in the building. The current building is looking a little rough but by the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, there will be a brand new building big enough to accommodate for all its students. Through the last 4 years, GMHS has provided with more opportunities than I can think of, through academics within the school and my personal involvement with the community without the people within the four walls of GMHS I wouldn't be the person I am today. The people inside are trying their absolute best to defy the stereotype and make the atmosphere of the institution a much better place, and it's already changed so much in the last year. GMHS is my home❤
Education is okay. School is unsanitary. Dirty bathrooms, dirty floors. Trash everywhere. Bugs and mice in the school building. Kids are ratchet and start fights. Some of the teachers are helpful and some are not.
I like the diversity of the school but the dynamics around the staff and students needs to change. There are some teachers who address everyone as one unit and don't supply necessary support to help students succeed within the classroom. There is also a lack of college help within the school.
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