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Grove Public Schools (Grove) Reviews

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Overall, Grove Public Schools represent an average Oklahoma school district. Grove is a smaller town, and the schools focus more on sports than academics or other extracurricular activities.
Grove has excellent extra curricular activities, many of which I am part of. The teachers are very helpful for the most part. I'd like to see more equality in punishments.
I am a senior at Grove High School. I love the school district. The teachers and other workers help us to succeed as much as possible. This year they have tried this thing RTI. Which helps kids who are failing to raise their grades.
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I would like to see more student involvement and motivation. It all comes back to the Delaware County culture.
I have had an excellent experience at Grove public schools. I am working on getting my high school diploma. I have learned a lot for college and they have helped me prepare for college.
it seems to me that if you are not of the upper class or your child needs a little extra help well you can forget it. your child will be in punishment more than not.
It was a decent experience. The school focused a lot on sports even though they weren't good. Should probably focus more on academics.
Grove High School offered the very minimal requirements to even help students just graduate with a High School Degree. Let alone be prepared for college.
Sucks at college prep, doesn't teach much useful and isn't a lot of help with anything college related
I liked the school, but I wish I was more prepared for college. It didn't really push me to do my best in the classroom. I found out in college how much my grades really affected me.
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