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Overall, it was a good experience. The teachers genuinely care about students performance with the exception of a few teachers. As long as students take the advanced classes offered here they will be well off in college.
I like the individuality of the school. The teachers are very one-on-one and willing to give you help to further your educational experience. I would love to see some more advanced classes that really try to push your critical thinking skills.
I liked extracurricular activities but the teacher’s abilities and academic requirements could change.
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Grove City Area School District has shaped who I’ve become both as a student and as an individual. The teachers and staff have cared about me, accepted me and truly wanted what was best for me. Many of them have gone above and beyond the call of duty to support and guide me toward making the best decisions for myself. I am truly grateful.
Overall, I have had a decent experience at this school, but it lacks the amount of challenging classes (AP) and is not big on school involvement. I wish that my high school experience would have included more school spirit and fun assemblies instead of just worrying about performing on tests. On the bright side, I have had some great teachers and have made some really great friends throughout my high school years.
Overall, I have had an excellent experience with Grove City Area school district. The teachers are very understanding and focus on meeting the needs of their students to ensure their success. One thing I do not like about the school is that there’s not a lot of diversity or school culture.
I liked the class size of Grove City high school. There are approximately 160 students. I thought most of the teachers were very knowledgeable on their subjects. A few things that would improve this school would be to add more AP classes. Taking AP classes gives students the opportunity to take college level courses which will help by either taking the AP test and getting college credit or give them a good background on the course when they go to college. I would also like to see the school have more job fairs. This would give students an idea of the field of study they would like to pursue. Overall, Grove City is a good school, but could use a few improvements.
It's a decent school district. The teachers are good and most are passionate about what they do. The arts programs have decent funding. It really isn't too bad. Unfortunately, everyone (students and faculty alike) seem to lack school spirit, so any school-sponsored event feels dead no matter how much life one tries to pour into it.
I liked that the District put so much emphasis on knowing students individually and pushing each student to strive for their best in academics and extracurriculars.
As a parent my experience with Grove City Area high school was a positive one. My children received an education that prepared them for college. My youngest daughters' interest in music flourished at the hand of the teachers here. She is now pursuing a degree in music at Belmont University in Nashville, TN.
Overall positive for a public school. The math program is greatly lacking! Student involvement is good.
Grove City Area School District has impressed me with its professional attitude and genuine care for its students and faculty. The high school has provided me with every tool I need to further my education, and a staff willing to help me pursue a good future.
Grove City High School was a great experience! They have a lot of clubs for students interested in all different things from Saturday Science club to Band to Football and Pep club. At GCHS, I always felt safe. The school also promotes and helps plan each student for college, tech school, or the workforce.
Amazing School! The teachers care so much about your success and I will never forget some of the teachers I had.
Overall, Grove City Area School District is a fantastic school district. I have loved my time at Grove City High School and have felt challenged as a student. The teachers and the staff are incredible. Highly recommend.
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