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The teachers are always involved with the students and if a student is struggling they don't think twice about staying after for extra help or making time throughout each day to give that student/those students the extra help they need. As a student athlete I felt there was a great support system willing to help with whatever I needed when it came to sports or school work. I was able to confide in multiple teachers but the one that has impacted me and helped me the most was my chemistry teacher. I was able to go to her for anything with any questions and know that she would give me her honest opinion.
Love the diversity of this district! Most problems come down to the budget. One of two high schools in the state to offer IB Program classes. well-maintained schools and competitive sports.
I really like the diversity once I got to high school. I think Elementary and middle schools could use more diversity. The teachers were very caring and helpful.
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Some very enthusiastic teachers, and hard-working IB program. Students are overall kind and supportive.
It's a nice school district. Most of the staff is very nice. Administrators are so busy picking on people for small things, that the big problems go unseen.
I liked that our school district gave us the opportunity to take AB and IB causes as well as ECE courses for college credit. It is a great environment in the High School and the teachers are very helpful to all the students no matter your level.
When my children needed the extra support in school, this school district immediately sprung into action. I will never be able to fully thank all that they have done for my children.
Amazing students and teachers, the administration is where I don't agree. They are not in it for the students and always cutting the funding.
I moved to Groton from Hawaii, and it has it's flaws like anywhere in the world, but I was immediately accepted by coaches, students, and teachers. It was easy to make friends and it was a formidable educational experience with challenges that helped me grow as a student, athlete, and a man. Throughout these challenges I had a welcoming learning environment with teachers, and educational resources that were easily accessible.
I love going to school in the Groton School District. I made lifelong friends that I'm still extremely close with in college and the academics were tough and sometimes not always the best but they did prepare me for what was to come in college. The teachers really wanted all of their students to excel and feel welcomed and comfortable from elementary to high school. The "no child left behind" program was strictly enforced in this school district allowing kids who may not have had the best home life to feel safe and cared for at school. If I could go back to high school I would definitely go back to Robert E. Fitch High in the Groton School District.
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