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Very flexible with insuring that the student can take what they want, if you get the right guidance counselor. Recently they have been cutting a lot of programs due to funding. They also lack a substantial humanities department, with few electives and such, especially history where only one track is offered, US History, and there is no geography. I believe only one or two Social Studies AP classes are per year, with the same for English. The science and mathematics departments are definitely more established with three or more tiers of math being offered, with three AP classes and at least four Science AP classes. Off-campus dual-enrollment and VHS are offered.
As a sophomore, so far I have loved pretty much every single one of my teachers. There are clubs for pretty much any thing you can think of. Overall, my experience at Groton Dunstable has been very good so far.
I loved the small community and how everyone knows each other and was always so supportive. I would love to see the teaching change, there were not many strong teachers there aside from a few who taught AP level classes at the high school. I would also like to see administration become stronger. Admin in the district is not great.
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I loved being a part of the community that is the Groton-Dunstable Regional School District. The past twelve have been incredible there. The environment has nurtured my curiosity and encouraged my learning, leading me to now I feel so prepared to head off to the opportunities ad experiences awaiting.
Groton-Dunstable high school has made my high school years the best they could have been. The teachers and staff make everyday enjoyable. The school itself is clean and organized and the administration goes out of their way to make everyone feel welcome. The academics are outstanding with a highly ranked math department and many options, from interesting electives to everyday classes. In addition to all of this, my school has an amazing guidance department. Through my guidance counselor, I have had the opportunity to get a job at my local pediatric center and I had the opportunity to attend a health care field trip at Lowell General Hospital which never would have happened without her help. Whenever you walk in to the school you can sense the feeling of community. Everyone is there to help each other and for that I am so grateful.
GD has been placed into new hands, we got a new principal and a new superintendent. They are treating the students like criminals, and are instating new rules yet failing to tell the students about them and only sending an email to the teachers. Frankly I'm not sure how I'm suppose to know if I'm breaking a rule if it is not well documented and/or nobody told me about it.
I came into this school a few years ago not knowing a single person, and they were very welcoming and made me comfortable right away.
Everyone you meet at this school is very nice and supportive. The academics are great and the teachers are also very good. There is a club for everyone and they are always open for new club suggestions if you want to start one. Overall a great school system and a very safe place to send your child.
Though I have learned a lot at Groton, there are so many things that need to improve. This is one of the least diverse schools in the area, and this is reflected in the opinions and beliefs of the students. The fact that the mascot is still the Crusader after so much scrutiny shows that the administration cares more about the traditions of the school than the feelings of the students and parents. Though they certainly think that they have prepared us for the real world, this can only be true if the real world only consists of Groton.
Great community, teachers care about their students' grades as well as their well being. Scheduling classes you want can be a bit difficult, but from what I understand that is the way it is in all schools.
My experience there was far better than my previous school. At Groton Dunstable Regional Highschool, I managed to make some good friends in the drama program, some of whom I go to college with to this very day. Some of the students can be quite...snobby for someone who grew up in the city of Fall River, but they mean well.
The teachers are excellent. They want to make sure you succeed in class and take time out of their way to tutor those who need assistance. I still keep in contact with my history and Latin teachers. I think that's what's really cool about the teachers there. They treat you like human beings.
My one complaint is that the school pushes academics over the arts. Drama, Latin, history art, and any clubs related to those subject often experience budget cuts in favor of the math and sports departments. It's kinda unfair to those who used to clubs in order to seek out relations with the other students.
GDRSD is a wonderful place to go to school. I spent over 12 years as a student in elementary, middle, and high schools in the district. Groton has very intelligent and considerate teachers, various extracurriculars for students to join, many sports, and a safe and loving community. I'm proud to be an alum and I wish current students the best in their academic endeavors!
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