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Groton Central School, is currently in a transitional period for the betterment of education. While in past years, the school was on a target list for poor grades, the school has since dug itself off that list and is on the up. Recently remodeling and adding a STEM lab the school is doing lots to improve small town education. There are plenty of athletic opportunities and clubs to join. The only con is that currently as I said they are going through a transition, and one of the growing pains is constant changes in staff. This can make it hard when the school has had three different principles in the past five years and they've taken things in different directions and had different focuses.
Groton has been a solid experience but as all small schools do, Groton lacks in a few major areas. There are not many cool clubs to join or things to but that is made up for with the amazing teachers! They are always ready to help anyone and are just great people all around which is why I rank my experience fairly high.
Our school is very small so it is difficult to gain the attention of major schools and scholarships that are available. It is also difficult for striving students such as myself to have access to top notch coaches for sports to achieve scholarships that way as well.
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With how many staff memebers that change every year it gets chaotic. The one thing that bugs me is they are getting a whole bunch of new furniture for the principles office and teachers lounge that wasn't needed. That money could have gone towards something for the kids. Like maybe ait conditioning so they don't have a heat stroke in the summer. Or maybe even new gym equipment. Or new mats for the wrestling room.
I have gone to school at Groton my entire life, and there are many parts to it that I love; the most predominant of these parts being the people there. Groton is a small town community where everyone knows everybody. While this can sometimes back fire, just as relationships in families can have their moments of crisis, people always recover and pull together in the end. I love the people of this community and I know I would have turned out differently if I had grown up anywhere else.
Groton is a unique school and has many of its own rules. Its first priority is to protect their students who attend. Moreover, they put a big foot down over the years on the case of cyber bullying and bullying overall. Said that, Groton has detested cell phones from the school day to try and prevent that, but also create a more educational environment for us students. The peers I have agree that we should be able to have a voice in school. Although we are never treated like we do. I withstand the fact we come to be educated and learn something new every day; which is the greatest privilege, but are we aloud to be ourselves while we progress? My only question is that do these rules take away the students freedom of expression? Or are they just an overall protection for adults and students?
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