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Grossmont Union High School District Reviews

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The district is very welcoming when it comes to incoming freshmen. They provide so many resources and support groups to help each student on and off campus. Our district helps out the community, in fact. With many fundraising and community services.The Grossmont district provides a , on hands learning experiment for every student.(computers) I am proud to be a student attending this district.
There are a lot of AP classes available and a variety of sports/clubs to get involved in. It’s easy to make friends simply by joining sports and being out there. The academics are extremely rigorous for honors students, but students come out prepared for college.
I like how the Grossmont Union High School district highly emphasizes the educational, college, platform. I like how they prepare students and forewarn them on the vigorous coursework that takes place in college. One thing that can be improved is the student and teacher diversity levels; I would love to see more culture throughout the district.
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What I enjoy about the Grossmont Union High School District, is that they make High school a fun experience, for example we have Senior grad night at Disney land, which is something that all student look forward to all four years.
Grossmont Union High School District offers many high schools that are all good schools. All schools have different programs that are good for the students . It is also a safe place to go a school that offers different clubs, activities and programs.
it a pretty standard district it has all the tools needed to succed i think it would be easyer to have classes that apply to realworld situations right now with all of the developments with technology and most jobs consisting on posting videos and aking wesites
Administraion is very friendly and genuinely care for students. All teachers in this district show tha they care about their students’ education. The staff involvement is one of the best qualities of this district.
Grossmont High has an outstanding school spirit and excellent sportsmanship. The sports equipment is in great condition but the campus itself lacks in cleanliness. There is also a lack of variety in the electives offered at Grossmont.
What I love about the Grossmont Union High School District is the sense of diversity and success that radiates from students and teachers in each high school. Everyone knows everyone, and it brings a feeling of being home. I had no trouble getting used to every class.
What I found interesting in the grossmont union high school district is the diversity. The district accepts people from all cultures, religions, races etc. In the future I am hoping the district takes time and effort to help the students receive the resources they need. I also hope they will make sure every child is learning and not being left behind.
My personal experience at Santana High School of the Grossmont Union Highschool district can be described as pleasant and beneficial for someone like me who is pursuing college after High School. The teachers, for the most part, are friendly and helpful, holding tutorials to help students better understand any of the courses material. As an AP and Honors student I have also been the recipient of genuinely intellectual teachers and staff, who provide a challenging but effective teaching environment. The atmosphere at Santana is friendly, and bullying is almost nonexistent. If there was a change that needed to be made to Santana however, it would be for the higher staff positions, such as the Principle and Vice Principle, to allow students to better influence how the school is run, and to be more open to student ideas.
I believe that many schools within this district have made a clearly stressed the importance of academic excellence. I feel that many students that walk out of these high school attend universities or go to a community college for two years then transfer.
The academics are very good and I feel competent in the courses I have passed and I would say you can't avoid hard work reading the book and to still pass the course. The courses are just as difficult as a university from talking to alumni. The counselors are very bad as well as the financial aid office. The counselors have made numerous mistakes on my education plan to transfer which has costed me to extra classes and a semester. The resources through the students and administration department are good. The campus life is bad and there are few clubs and it is hard to meet new people in the occasional campus activities.
Grossmont Union High School District is an average School. Not too bad and not too good. It could easily be improved. I attend the school onlybfor it’s anazing Agricultural program. The agriculture program is incredible, but I was not impressed with some teachers.
The Grossmont Union High School District is a district with unique individual schools. The schools do not vary greatly in academics and sports, however, there are schools with more improved programs. A change I would like to see is more funding within the school's programs and institutions, a great population of students, and improvement in college readiness. At my Grossmont Union District High School, I have enjoyed the connections I have created with the teachers and students. I have been actively involved in my school as I joined clubs, play sports, and hold leadership positions in my activities.
My experience with grossmont union high school district has been excellent! There are staff that genuinely care about the success of their students, and work to make sure everyone feels like they belong.
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It is a great experience being a student in this district. Each school varies so I cannot comment on a specific school, but the district as a whole provides a plethora of resources to faculty and students.
What I liked about the Grossmont Union High School District is that they were always looking for ways to improve the schools and take care of students. The teachers were always helpful and got along well with students. The teachers made learning fun and enjoyable.
I just loved how there was always an option for me whenever I needed help with anything related to my academics and my success. My school counselor was always there to help.
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