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I love going to North because there so many activities to get into and staying involved is not hard at all. I feel safe when I come here and that’s very important considering everything that’s going on in the world today. I highly recommend my school to everyone.
There really wasn't any aspect about the Grosse Pointe Public School System I really didn't like. The staff genuinely care about the students and their success, and most of the students genuinely care about their educations. The one thing I wish would be slightly easier would be to enter the social barriers certain "groups" of people set up, making it exclusive to long-time friends.
This school system does an amazing job raising children to be unique, successful individuals. Every stage is treated with the same attention as any other.
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What the Grosse Pointe Public School System offered to me was truly incredible. Although the district as a whole is not very diverse, the community still works strongly to make sure everyone has a fair and positive learning experience. The programs and activities offered, such as sports and the performing arts, are absolutely amazing and give students a look at a professional setting in their field of interest. However, it does seem like the sports program is more funded than anything else offered through the schools. Overall, I believe that the Grosse Pointe Public School System is a wonderful set of schools with amazing learning environments throughout all of the district.
Overall I had a good experience with Grosse Pointe schools. The teachers want to help you and if you want to learn, you can. It's unlike any other school district I've been a part of in a good way and I've made good memories at the schools. The sports teams are competitive and a lot of fun if you enjoy your sport. Although I did have an issue with the revolving door of administrative staff.
I really like it at Grosse Pointe North and I do a lot of stuff that prepares me for college. And all schools have so much opportunity it's crazy. I do a lot of out of school activities which makes school a lot more fun.
Grosse Pointe public schools are clearly well funded with many options for after school activities for kids pursuing both sports and non-athletic interests. Teachers are very engaged and provide ample feed back individualized to the student. The campus is beautiful, well maintained and safe. Athletics options for both boys and girls are ample and coaches emphasize participation and team work over individual accomplishment.
The school is always highly ranked among public schools in the state and the majority of students are focused on getting accepted to a college or university. There are many opportunities for students to take college preparatory as well advanced placement courses. Seniors have an option to participate in a work study program. The school offers many resources and assistance regarding searching and applying for a post graduate education. Counselors are very responsive and easily contacted to discuss any all concerns regarding ones child.
I think that the freedom allowed is larger than other schools and the resources available are fantastic
A new, much more qualified administration is what is needed to restore this school district. It was once a great system but continues to drop in the rankings.
My daughter has had an outstanding experience at Grosse Pointe North. The teachers and administration really care about every student, and go above and beyond to make sure they succeed. Students are held to a high standard both in their academics and the school community.
I WENT to parcells middle school and Grosse Pointe North. I like the school. My only problem is that the teacher don't discipline the student when they misbehave.
Grosse Pointe Public School System offers a variety of academics, clubs, and sports. The counselors are a big help helping the students achieve their goals. The teachers are amazing at their but I would like to see the staff become more diverse.
This school is amazing academically and I feel that they employ teachers who truly care about the material they're teaching, which makes learning relatively easy for the student.
I have been in Grosse Pointe Public Schools since I was in fifth grade and it has been an experience. I feel like the education I received was stellar and I wouldn't have wanted to get it from anywhere else. Although the diversity front could use a lot of work, it is still a great district.
The administration must focus more resources on gifted students. Very little communication between parents and administration and most faculty.
I have really enjoyed my time with GPPS! I feel very ready to attend college, with amazing academics and extracurricular opportunities preparing me. I love that the schools provide equal funding for all activities, rather than dedicating al their resources into one area. For example, at my high school, our women's sports were voted the best HS program in the state, the choir is recognized internationally and win many titles, and we have dozens of scholastic art award winners each year- I even have access to my ceramic classes in a college-level studio. The students also care very much about their academics. My only qualm is that I wish the schools (and community) were more diverse.
The atmosphere in the district is very nice. Teachers are exceptionally dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and will help anyone struggling. Diversity in the district is also a high point as the community is very well integrated.
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The grosse Pointe Public school system is great. All the teachers I have had loved their job of teaching students, and many of them are way over qualified for teaching students. I could easily see the teachers teaching in college, especially the science ones.
the experience with the grosse pointe school systems was a good one. They have great teachers and nice school buildings. However, the food isn't all that good and they do have the occasional cockroach.
I really am blessed to have grown up within this school district. I constantly find myself reflecting on my previous school years with my friends and having nothing but great memories. I've had great grades all through my school career thanks to the amazing teachers in this district. I'm graduating this year and it's bittersweet because even though it's been hard at times, I've loved every bit of going to school in the GPPSS. I hope that one day my children get to learn and expand in a district as amazing as GPPSS.
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