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Grosse Ile Township Schools Reviews

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I have attended Grosse Ile Schools for all of my schooling. The teachers and staff are friendly, and it is a great learning environment. The students are also accepting, and I have many many lifelong friends here. The buildings are also very clean and nice, and I feel safe at school.
Grosse Ile High School is an excellent place to grow your education. The teachers and staff all pursue to see students excel and graduate with a high GPA and goal for your career. Grosse Ile holds and encourages college information and meetings with college representatives as well as offers ways to find and be granted scholarship. I personally would say that Grosse Ile is a great choice when it comes to furthering your education. While your education is becoming higher, Grosse Ile also offers many men's and women's sports to partake in as well as clubs to help interact with the community. On top of this, Grosse Ile is ranked one of the top safest communities in all of Michigan. I believe that Grosse Ile is an overall great school and would highly recommend this being an option to anyone in the Downriver area.
It's a great small community where teachers really care about students. There are many in school and out of school opportunities for all students.
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Grosse Ile is a pretty good school, with helpful teachers that try their best to help you succeed in classes and beyond. The history, english and math departments are very capable and accommodating, but are known to be the harder classes, and music is getting better after a few years of having different new directors. Grosse Ile students are typically pretty friendly, but it isn't very diverse and a lot of the people are cookie-cutter.
Small school...small sized classes are a plus. Some of the teachers are amazing at their jobs and some aren't. Administration is lacking. No response sometimes to parent emails. They don't seem to be on top of what's really going on in the student body unless your kid is in a select group.
I liked the small class sizes and the sport opportunities I had there. I think that they could add more electives.
I am current Alumni from Grosse Ile high school! I moved to this school district in middle school and continued my education and graduated from this school district. I was extremely pleased with my time here. All of the staff are wonderful and really show that they care through the extra time that they put in to make sure you have all of the resources that you need. Overall what an amazing district!
with my experience at grosse ile i have lived it the teachers are great! i have learned so much i don’t think i would have learned at other schools. The teacher take the time to help you with things you don’t understand and push you to do your best
I love the small class sizes and how the teachers want you to improve and be successful. Students can be involved in the school and community by joining many clubs and sports. My school feels very safe and taken good care of because of the amazing staff and the fact that Grosse Ile is the number one safest town in Michigan.
My oldest son attended GI schools from 1st through 8th grade. I felt like they did not have a large selection of extra curricular classes and kids were allowed to retake tests until they improved their scores which I felt didn’t teach them to study all that hard. It seemed to me they were more concerned with their districts scores than actually making sure the kids knew the content.
I enjoyed my time at Grosse Ile High School. The majority of the teachers there are hardworking and friendly. There is also a good amount of diversity in sports you can join in spite of how small the district is.
Overall my experience at Grosse Ile High School has been very good, the academics are of good quality and challenging. I would love to see more diversity here since the area is mainly white.
Grosse Ile has some the kindest and most compassionate teachers i have EVER seen in a school district. Coming from another school and being terrified to be here, the staff made me feel so welcomed. Also, they make it very easy to express yourself fully while here and give off a judgment free feeling.
At Grosse Ile high school all of the teachers are very kind and they all respect the students and try to help them do the best that they can.
I graduated from Grosse Ile High School in 2017. GIHS offers the highest quality of academics, teachers, activities, and resources. It is very difficult to struggle at GIHS, and if you do, there is always someone there to help you.
They have amazing resources, including several computer labs and great art and music programs. I play in the band, and we have super cool things we get to do. It's a great place to live and go to school
It was very nice. Not very much diversity but that can be changed. Generally good academics and staffing. The food was always alright. Also, the only facility that received attention was the football field.
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Meridian Elementary school has wonderful teachers and administrator. Students are encouraged, feel safe, and teachers differentiate instruction.
Grosse Ile is a very small school district -- our Township is literally an island between Michigan and Canada. This can have both advantages and disadvantages. Being such a small community, everyone knows everything about everyone else. While that can be pretty annoying growing up, it does provide a certain amount of comfort. The schools are fairly well regarded, particularly in Wayne County. The economic downturn of the past decade had a pretty serious impact on our community and schools but it seems to be coming back nicely. Overall, I was pretty satisfied with my school experience.
I really do enjoy going to school here. The teachers are the best. They are great at their jobs and they help to prepare us for our futures. In addition, Grosse Ile schools have provided me with a safe and enjoyable learning environment.
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