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Gridley Unified School District Reviews

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Gridley High School is a very diverse school and the teachers and adminstration work well with the students but it lacks the true rigor needed to prepare students for college and the real-world.
I like how at Gridley High School I feel welcomed and how there is a close bond with almost every student. I would like for my school to possibly focus more on updating the school in terms as the infrastructure, but over all I love my small town school.
The enthusiasm of the teachers really generated energy from the students for learning, sports, participating in school events, and just enjoying their high school career. Many of the teachers would leave their doors open at lunch and break times to help any student who wanted it, or to just chat with those who need someone to talk to at lunch times! The administration were the same way, and I wouldn't trade my experience for anything.
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The overall educational experience was adequate. Most teachers were exceptional, but the school culture and other aspects of the school weren't as great.
I love going to Gridley High School, I honestly love the environment, the teachers, classes, and friends. There is no bullying going on at this school, maybe just verbally but not physically. The counselors are very helpful. Something I would change is the lunch menu and breakfast, everything is fast food it's not healthy.
Good school district, love the high school open campus policy. Although I do believe that the school board could pay more attention to what goes on in the schools and educate the students, especially high school seniors, on what they need to do for college and FASFA.
I’m a senior going to Gridley High School and I have made up my opinion about this school. In all honestly this is an amazing schooo to go to, we vary in clubs like Key Club ( one of may favorites), Ets, science club, art club, photography, etc. We have beyond good teachers, espically Mr. Braun our math teacher, he should be awarded an award for understanding that school can get stressful and that at the end of the day that we are still teenagers that have our problems. We have the right about of students around 250, however we don’t vary in ethnicity. There are cons though, like our school sprits it’s bad, students don’t care about dressing down or going to dances. The food isn’t the best, but it’s edible and the parent aren’t really involved. However, at the end of the day I love my high school experience and I will never forget it.
I’m a junior at Gridley high school and my 3/5 star rating derives from the lack of diversity in the student body which is unfortunate and of clubs for example just this year we got key club as an office club so we need more clubs and people who would be willing to be devoted club advisors.
The teachers are amazing, and they will all help and work with you. After a few weeks in the school you will know almost everyone, it is a very small school, which at times if very nice, but does make you think about a change. The programs here are nice as well and they get you ready for your choice of career. The counselors are really helpful too, and all the kids are nice.
Great school district. However, the high school struggles to keep good teachers. Since it’s a small town, teachers are often hired due to connections they have within the school board.
What I like about Gridley High School is all the help that they give you with school work, and also how all the teachers and counselors arebtryibbg their best to encourage all the students to go to college.
I liked how involved the teachers are in the lives of their students. Many great teachers have helped me with so much I couldn't do on my own. Something for a change would be the actual campus itself as in the food, bathroom maintenance.
I have been going to these schools since 5th grade, and have generally had an amazing experience. The people and administrators are kind and helpful. The only thing I can think to criticize is the lack of opportunity for the arts programs.
Ever since i started attending these schools, i no longer have any self-confidence. The teachers say they care about the students, but in reality, they really don't. Most of the teachers teach really lazily. If you aren't a favorite, you will get talked down to and be hated by most teachers and principals. I'm a student in this school so i know by experience.
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