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A very good education with teachers who care a lot about the students. The downside is that the administration is very strict and abnormal about school events. We were not allowed many of the same privileges as most every other school in the state.
Gretna is the only high school I have gone to and I have had a very good experience here. I think the teachers are understanding and the work-load is generally reasonable. The college prep program is very good and I have gained a lot from our counseling department. The extracurricular activities have also been a great experience. I have enjoyed my time here as a student.
I graduated from gretna high school in 2018. I went there for all 4 years and it was a great experience. The teachers and staff were all kind. There was little diversity at gretna but it was overall a great place to learn and grow as a person
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I have really liked my experience in Gretna Public Schools. The teachers are very hands on, engaging, and truly want you to do your best. The schools provide a great environment for learning!
I liked the challenging classes the students can take. What Gretna needs to possibly work on is the phone situation. Possibly by keeping all phones on the table before class and giving them back at the end.
I have 2 boys that attend Gretna schools. One is a first grader and is going to the newest elementary school in the district and he absolutely loves it. My oldest is a 7th grader and had ADHD. I absolutely love all of the help and support that GPS has provided him through out his time here.
People always say that there are more opportunities in a smaller school. However, at Gretna HS, if you are willing to put yourself out there and get out of your comfort zone you will find the opportunities and a teacher or coach to support you. Meet new people, join the clubs or teams, and no matter the size of this school, you will find where you fit in.
I loved my teachers, and they were always willing to help me whether academic or personal. Being active in school is extremely important, and Gretna is becoming better at providing opportunities for every student.
There is a variety of different people there that you can always relate to in any way. This is important because the teachers are always willing to help in any situation they can. Whether that be school related or completely random. Although it is not a big school, Gretna High School offers many classes that you can choose from. This helps with gaining college credit or taking a class that could possibly help you in the future.
We love Gretna schools! The staff takes time to get to know the kids and families and the teachers are fabulous. The district is growing and all the new schools are so beautiful and big!
Gretna High has a good array of dual credit classes offered through a local community college. This school does a good job with helping kids get ready for college, as well as preparing kids to enter the work force. Student pride is evident, both in terms of academics as well as all extracurricular activities.
Overall a really good school district. Teachers care about their students and value their success. The activities are top notch and the students give it their all, which is encouraged by teachers.
Both our children attend Gretna Schools and I have never been disappointed. We are very lucky to have teachers that care and are willing to help.
Overall I've had a pretty satisfactory experience with Gretna Public Schools, though I am only a freshman. I think most people here care more about athletics than academics, but our academics are still good. It isn't very diverse and is mostly white students who come from good homes. It's a good environment and doesn't have a lot of drugs or fights going around. It mainly needs to work on diversity, more class selection, and maybe focusing more on academics than athletics.
The school is growing rapidly and is well maintained. There are lots of dual credit classes offered through the local community college, which is great. However, the grading system does not weigh the harder classes, which makes it hard for advanced students to maintain their grade point average. Overall, the students and faculty are all polite and happy.
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