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Gresham-Barlow School District Reviews

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The district is average. It's not terrible, but it's not great. There are a lot of great teachers and a lot of terrible ones. Administration does not respond well to the needs of the students, but part of that is just the restrictions of budgeting.
most of the teachers are helpful and di their best to make you successful. However, some things that could improve is smaller class sizes, and more support for the arts.
Our administrators are apathetic ineffective bozos who only care about their paychecks. The good teachers are overworked and underpaid, where as the bad ones just don't care at all about their students. The schools are overcrowded and falling apart from age and when I say falling apart I mean the ceilings sag due to being filled with brown mold and ooze black mold. Our outdated HVAC systems doesn't work in the sense that the air conditioning turns on in the winter and the heat turns on in the hotter parts of the year.
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Its an ok school. Some of the Teachers are biased towards their favorite students. I have a 4.0 for all of my years here and I am not one of the favorites even though I am thoughtful and gracious to the teachers.
The middle school that my son attends believe in every student. His work caught up with his classmates when we moved here.
The teachers don't care. Not all, but most do not. The counselors are a joke as well. You get no support or help from any of them. The school is poor, and things are always being cut as well.
I would like to see teachers more dedicated to helping their students pass their class. Most of the teachers are well organized.
I really like that the school has nice people who work there, but I would like to see change in the way things are run.
Having my kids in this school district has been a challenge. The academics are sub-par compared to other districts we've lived in. The gang activity and drugs are out of control. I actually can't wait to get my kids out of this district.
I love how most of the staffs and students are friendly there. They will help you if you need it and of course, just like any other schools, we have some naughty kids as well. But overall, a pretty positive experience !
I attended school here from 9-12th grade and it is a goo school to except college credit for some high school classes but there is little to none school spirit, MOST staff does not care about there students actually lives in the most precious years of state of mind.
I attended this district and I also tutor there now and all the teachers are very passionate about their students.
Everything was well organized just the overall building's were a wreak and outdated more things need to be updated
Students and staff and Sam Barlow are amazing. I just wish the room leaks would get fixed and the auditorium to get updated. We need it badly. I love the library. I have met some great friends. Can't wait to be a bruin for life!
I've been a student in the Gresham-Barlow School District my entire school career so my ability to compare to another system is invalid. However, being in thus district as long as I have has shown me the ups and downs. Good things have been that no matter what, there's always good teachers that overall want you to succeed. Along with this, even though we do not have as much money as we wish we did, there is a great variety of things/rrsources available for students and parents likewise. Downsides may be that the School District is difficult to contact and that some of the schools' out-datedness has proven to be an issue at times.
The school has a full IB program and is very supportive in trying to keep students trying their best. We had the highest percent increase of graduation rates this last year in the United Sates. On the downside, the school lacks money and the building is very grotesque and is even falling apart in some areas.
I was enrolled in the Gresham-Barlow School District from 2007-2015 and enjoyed most of my years at Damascus Middle School and Sam Barlow High School. The schools have a good sense of community and I believe I received a good education overall.
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The Gresham Barlow School District provides some of the best education in Oregon. All their high schools are clean and only minimal damage has been done over the years. Most high school roofs are still intact, and do not leak. The culture is great at all high schools. The students value individuals that are most likely to be homeless in the next five years. The staff is also very professional. They all know how to teach their subject very well, and are not ex truck drivers. Overall, the Gresham Barlow School District is very good. Nice job.
It is very welcoming school and it has been a safe place to be in ever since I came. I have been here since fourth grade and now I am a senior and this year I have really enjoyed my experience here.
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