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Gregory-Portland Independent School District Reviews

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Gregory-Portland is a magnificent place to attend school. The atmosphere here is very goal orientated. People leave GP ready to take on the world, either by going to college or into the work force. Gregory-Portland is a friendly environment, with stellar teachers who are focused on making us the best students we can be.
There's really nothing specific about the high school, it's just that I wish I didn't have to take classes that I don't need for my future career. It all seems like a waste of time to me. But I really am enjoying my time here in school, despite feeling like I'm not getting enough time or doing enough for my future.
It’s a great school that is really focused on the safety on the students. Everything is great and they definitely do a good job of preparing us for college.
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I've enjoyed my time at Gregory Portland. They are very serious when it comes to security which can be annoying at times however makes me feel good.
Gregory-Portland ISD is a very good school. The teachers are very amazing and they really show that they care about educating their students. However, I was not able to take AP classes until my junior year. There aren't very many clubs and there is only one NHS category. There aren't very many opportunities to improve on the SAT or ACT. Without these errors, the district would be perfect.
Some experience that I had in Gregory-Portland Independent School District that I like was that in high school there was many programs, classes, and clubs that was offered to the students.
Gp is what you make it; if you invest time and effort into your schooling, teachers abmnd coaches will invest right back- the sky is the limit. However, you can just as easily float your way through school and not really learn anything. My greastest concern is that the culture of the school is decaying and, in response, many teachers are leaving or retiring.
Gregory Portland Independent School District exists inside a closely knit, safe community. The facilities are top of the line, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the overall atmosphere of the community is very positive, which has influenced my high school experience in a very positive way.
The district was far too focused on improving its athletic programs and did not allocate enough funds or attention to its academics. Although I enjoyed the activities and classes I was in, there was much that could've been improved upon.
I loved the small community and how close everyone and everything was. athe teachers were amazing and I felt as if our school was successful in academics and extracurriculars.
It is a really good school to go to. Not only do they just teach you, but the school offers classes to prepare for the real world and of course for college. They also offer college credit classes
I really enjoy Gregory-Portland Independent School District. The teachers are great and the environment is very professional, yet fun. I would like to see more personalization in the counseling department, as there are a surplus of students per every counselor. Overall, Gregory-Portland Independent School District is a very excellent, safe, and equal learning environment.
I have enjoyed Gregory-Portland high school for the 2 years that i attended. The teachers were very passionate about the subjects that they were teaching. I was impressed how challenging the dual credit courses were, it really prepared me for college.
The schools and education professionals are impeccable and very nice. The children are very well taken care of and everything is very organized including the transitions between classes and lunch recess. The children are respectful and there is no legal problems such as fighting between them for the time I have lived in Portland.
I love that the district is known for high standards and test scores. It isn't made up of a close community and so you go to school with everyone growing up so there aren't that many individual groups. Teachers are awesome and care about our future.
The teachers for the most part do care about their students, however the money seems to go more towards football and their funding for school lunches, fine arts, and technology is lacking immensely.
Compared to other schools I've been in, this is a good school. However, there's little to no guidance if someone's not familiar with the system. I only had one teacher kindly enough to explain. (Teachers, overall, are great, just not in this aspect.) Not even orientation was helpful: it was assumed everybody came directly from an in-town Junior High. A foreigner, like myself, would feel lost and ignored.

Clubs vary regarding quality. Art club - as much as I liked the advisor - was horribly organized, events weren't year round and lost 90% of their members. The Spanish club is very "hidden", and announcements depend on phones, inconvenient at times. On the other hand, the German club was organized much better and had events year round.

In other areas, this school stands well, (well...maybe too much focus on football) They excel in college readiness. They have a counselor just for that. They also have dual credit classes; classes credited in high school and college!
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GPISD was an amazing atmosphere that I am honored to be apart of. There are so many academic/athletic/ fine art opportunities to shine in. The students are always inviting and the teachers are always ready to help you succeed.
GPISD provided and prepared me for the incredible opportunity I am experiencing now at UT Austin. With the opportunity to excel by taking advanced academic and dual credit courses I was able to challenge myself which also prepared me for academics at UT Austin.
I like how close the community is. Everyone is there for each other and there is a strong sense of closeness with one another. The schools are clean and well-kept, with friendly faculty and staff. One thing I would like to change would be the amount of money spent on athletic programs and not so much academic programs.
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