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Greenwood School District is an amazing place to attend. The teachers take the time to get to know each student they have. They are willing to work with students to find the best way to teach them. The students all k ow each other very well and get along for the most part. There are many clubs and activities for every student to participate in. There are opportunities within the clubs and sports for students to build social and team work skills.
Greenwood School District is ranked as one of the 50 smallest school districts in Pennsylvania. Being a small school, this district is able to provide a much more individualized approach to education. The administration is very involved and provides the support and discipline needed.
Greenwood is a tiny school, my graduating class is around 50. I love how close I am to all of my peers. Greenwood needs to work on their priorities fights result in a day or two of suspension but taking a photo results in two weeks out of school. They should be focused on bigger issues.
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Small town environment, immediate opportunities to know everyone you meet. Friendly teachers, some are lacking in efforts and communication. Current Principal is not very efficient in executing improvements for student life within the school environment.
Is a very small community and school. You know everyone here, many not prepare kids well for the big world past this but is a great place to be to stay connected with many people. Teachers are very connected with students and for a very small school the sports programs do generally well.
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