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Greenwood School District No. 50 Reviews

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I liked the connection between teachers and students. They genuinely cared about what they were teaching.
We would like to see more involvement with getting students ready for college. We were basically just given a sheet with some ideas for applying for scholarships with very little direction.
I was in Greenwood District No. 50 from middle school through high school. Overall it was a great experience and out going with very great teachers. There are no changes I think needs to be done.
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I was 4 years old when I arrived to the Untied States and was enrolled to Greenwood School District 50. I started preschool at Woodfield’s Elementary School, I attended four different elementary schools. At all the schools I was always felt welcomed by school's staff and teachers. They always looked for ways to help students like me who didn't understand English. In District 50 they have a program called ESOL, which helps students learn English as their second language. Many students have been able to learn English with the help of this program, allowing us to succeed in class and be able to achiever higher levels of education. Overall Greenwood School District 50 has been a great experience for my family and me. I would recommend Greenwood District 50 to any family because of the support they offer the kids and families.
Greenwood high school allowed me the chance to have a family outside of my family at home. I was a member of the marching band and it provided me an outlet from bullying while pursuing my musical interests.
Greenwood School District No. 50 is a good school, in my opinion, West view is the best middle school in the district because we are ranked number 66 in the rankings for the best schools in South Carolina.
I would love to see more accredited teachers teaching honors and AP classes, instead of just having the football coaches teaching random classes that they are not qualified for.
I have been in greenwood district 50 through all the years from elementry to high school. Going from Hodges to northside middle school all the way to emerald high school and going through we have improved and made it better for the students and staff as a whole together.
Greenwood is a pretty good school but most teachers act like they don’t want to be here and overall are much more concerned with sports.
I enjoyed the equal opportunities for all students regardless of socioeconomic status, ethnicity or background. Variety of different clubs and activities available. Greenwood District fifty truly wanted every student to succeed. The staff, principles, coaches, and board worked hard to create a fair and judgment-free environment.
My experience been very good here because I would stay away from things to get me in trouble. And my grades have been really good here.
Education was high quality overall but there were a few things that hindered me from showing my fullest. A few of them being the student to teacher ratio. I've been in several classes where there were not enough seats for all of the students. Another thing that hindered me from showing my fullest would be the internet availability. Several websites were blocked when I needed to do research. Overall Greenwood High was fun and helpful majority of the time but there were a few things that could have been better.
Greenwood High School was a great school overall but there were a few things I would change if I had the ability to. One of them being the student teacher ratio. I've had classes where there were students in the back of the classroom standing because there were not enough teachers to teach two different classes. Another thing I would change would be the class offerings. I would love to see more in depth courses. Overall Greenwood High was very helpful and fun.
Greenwood District 50 is an outstanding school district. The district puts their students first. I would like to see them update there technology.
Greenwood School District 50 is the best. The teachers and administrators may be hard on you but it's only because they want you to succeed. I've had a great school experience and know that I'm fully prepared to continue my education at the University of South Carolina in August 2018.
As a parent of a graduating senior I have mixed emotions about how well they prepare their students for college and / or the work force. The teachers did their best but I think that some of the guidance counselor did a very poor job in suggesting or guiding my sons preparation for after high school. My daughter that just graduated had some poor counseling her first three years of high school and we were told things that ended up precenuher from just barely receiving Life Grant . I think they need to spend more time than just 15 minutes per student for their IGP. Very disappointed
Good school with teachers and staff who cares about their students. The school has many programs for AP and honor society.
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Good memories with good teachers. I had a few incidents with students that I reported and weren't dealt with which is sad, but overall the school was good. I hope things will come out of Greenwood high in years to come.
I would like to see changes that are made to benefit everyone. Teachers, parents, and students should be happy.
The Greenwood School District 50 is an average school district. There’s really nothing special about it.
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