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Honestly Greenwood High School was the best high school experience. There were many ways to get involved and the teachers were excellent. When I entered college I felt well prepared. The school cared not only about your grades but you as an individual. Overall, my time at Greenwood was above and beyond my expectations as a student and I loved school their and the relationships I formed. I felt safe and accepted; I highly recommended Greenwood High School as a school to enroll in.
I love greenwood schools! They are well funded and have amazing teachers! The only drawbacks are the lack of diversity and the strict dress code.
I really enjoy being a student here, and am given many opportunities that will help me in the future. They truly care about their students.
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My favorite part of Greenwood High School is how respectful and qualified the concurrent course teachers are. Most concurrent classes are taught by teachers who already work on our campus who have been certified to teach the class by the local college. Having qualified high school teachers be able to teach these upper level classes is great because not only are these teachers available throughout the day, but they are also a stronger part of the school community then say an off campus professor only at the school for a period or two. Despite the great opportunities offered by the school , there is one main hindrance. This would be the lack of involvement the counselors and advisers take in helping students plan and understand their after high school opportunities. While this school offers great programs and teachers to get ahead of the game in college level classes , it falls short in providing direction and understanding for what paths lay ahead of the high school turn.
Greenwood is literally great at everything, the teachers are amazing and the students are smart. Best academics for sure in my opinion. Won over three state championships this year.
The teachers are very supportive and empathetic towards students, and genuinely care about the students and push us to do our best, even when we push their patience. The student body possesses the ability to come together to support a cause we believe in, and to support each other. All the clubs are extremely beneficial towards experiences that can held with future careers or just socializing. The campus is very clean. They even had a lock-down drill so that students and teachers alike would know exactly what to do in case of an emergency. The only thing to improve upon would be to renovate the old bathrooms.
I went through high school same as everyone else. Greenwood stands out to me because of quality of teachers and education. The only thing I’d change are the way counselors and and office staff interact with students. The counselors are nice, but they don’t seem very organized and they’re not very helpful with most of my questions. Most of the office staff are very rude to the students and neglectful of work needed for students.
Greenwood School District, for a small town, is actually excellent. It provides a sufficient amount of opportunities for students to succeed. The school district is the reason why we chose to live in Greenwood in the first place rather than in the larger Fort Smith area. The only thing I can complain about is the lack of diversity. All of the teachers, as well as most of the students, are white. In addition, it seems that the schools of Greenwood love to promote Protestantism and there is a lack of understanding of people of different faiths. Other than that, Greenwood is an amazing school district!
I have been going to Greenwood schools since I was in Kindergarten. I have been surrounded by the same kids and mostly the same staff throughout my high school career, and I thing the thing I love most is the amount of involvement my teachers and other leaders in my school have in my life. They have impacted my life in many way, personally and professionally. I have so many teachers and coaches that come to mind when talking about my favorite and I don't think any one of them is better than the next. They have all taught me different things educationally, personally, and about how to deal with problems I might see later on in life and I am so grateful for the impact they have all made.
They say they make every effort, and in many cases it works well. There are several times, however, that Greenwood does nothing and alienates students. Sports are a big area for this. If you want a child to have the best time there, put them in football. Everything else, even grades as well as accountability for wrong actions, take a back seat to football. Football makes them untouchable. I hope in the future to see them change and make more effort to make all kids comfortable, accountable, and well educated.
The Greenwood School District provides numerous opportunities to get involved socially, academically, and athletically. Although there is not much racial diversity right now, I foresee the district becoming much more racially diverse in the near future because of the academic opportunities provided here. Other than academics, Greenwood can be known for its great sports programs that display sportsmanship and hard work. We also can't forget the numerous state championships from sports like football, basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball, and tennis. Along with the education you receive in high school, the elementary level to the junior high level does an excellent job in preparing you for your next years in education. The younger kids become more excited to go through the school district because they know they will progress not only as a student, but also as a person.
Greenwood School District is wonderful! However, they are very focused on high school sports and not very diverse population.
Greenwood is by far one of the best school districts in the state of Arkansas. I have went there all my life, and have never been disappointed once. The faculty is amazing in their caring ways, and they actually like being our teachers because they don't see their jobs as work they see it as a passion. Our sports teams excel in teamwork, hard work, accomplishments, and brotherhood/sisterhood. That is why we win state championships is because we excel at other things besides "the right plays". I am beyond blessed to be beyond prepared for college because of this wonderful school I attend.
Greenwood has been my home from K-12 grade. I’m so sad my adventure is coming to a close soon but I wouldn’t trade my experiences here for anything. I’m going to miss it!
I loved attending Greenwood High! They have great academics and truly care about their students. The staff works hard to make sure everyone succeeds. The one thing I would change about the school is to remain on schedule with handouts. They seem to always give us forms and handouts last minute. This causes the student to have to immediately get it done.
Growing up in the Greenwood School System was a great experience. It's continuously growing, but it is still small enough for one on one attention from teachers.
Greenwood High School, located in the quite little town of Greenwood, Arkansas is known as one of the premier school districts in the state. From the academic achievements to the highly recognized athletic department, Greenwood High School has earned an excellent reputation for educating its youth. Greenwood High School offers kids many opportunities to succeed in extra curricular organizations such as football, baseball, tennis, forensics, musical theater, DECA, Beta Club, Choir, and many more. With its highly acclaimed Performing Arts Center, Greenwood High School maintains an excellent reputation for talents not only on the field, but also on the stage, and in the classroom.
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The Greenwood School District has always been very involved with the student body. The Greenwood School District is ranked very high for being one of the safest schools in Arkansas and is also one of the top academic schools in the state.
Greenwood School District is fantastic. It is an excellent atmosphere for children to become educated, and a great supportive community.
Greenwood is a safe place to live. It's a small town with southern small town traditions. Friday night football is everything in greenwood. The town comes together and we all feel like family.
There could be more diversity and culture. Having more students from different ethnicities and cultures would make Greenwood even better.
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