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I would love to see much change within the district. We should be able to openly express ourselves, actually feel like we are attending high school, and be more into school spirit. This is a sport based school, so if you aren't a football player you are pretty much ignored.
My experience at Greenwood High School has been a great experience for me. I've had teachers who cared for their students overall well-being. I've even had teachers to come and go during a school year. The teachers that came and left made it difficult for me because those classes were classes that I had to take and pass a state test in those subjects. Greenwood High School is not the best school in the state but it is the best school in the area that I live in. Greenwood High School has great vocational and technical programs as well.
My experience in the Greenwood Public School District has been great. The environment is very welcoming. The teachers are very helpful. The energy there is very high. It's a lot that need a little change. The technology there at the school is not up to date as it should and that should be a major change. The books in the library need to be updated more. Overall, Greenwood Public School District is a great district.
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I have been attended school in the Greenwood Public School District for since I was in kindergarten and I have to say it is one of the best school districts in the state of Mississippi. This school district tries it hardest to motivate and help the students improve while their in school. They set requires and expectations for each and every school to try and push the everyone to do their best.They award the schools and the students who have met or exceed their requirements and expectations to show their gratitude and appreciation. greenwood Public School District also finds new methods of teaching for the students to test their knowledge about certain subjects. Greenwood Public School District is the one of the best school districts in the state of Mississippi because its puts the students, administrators and facilities first, finds new ways to improve the district and rewards the ones who help make it possible.
GPSD isn't one of the best school districts to pick from. Some parts of the district are excellent, but other parts need improvement and help in other areas.
Greenwood High School is a place that encourages the students to achieve excellence .Moving here from Minnesota has been the best experience for my children. They have learned what it means to strive to achieve their goals . The teachers are also very helpful in helping the students feel comfortable and confident that they can always reach any goal that they set . Overall Greenwood Public school system is a system of people who truly care for their students.
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