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Greenwood has very good music programs, great teachers but some are not that great. The food is average but the academics are pretty good.
I would like to change our parking lot system and not having to get go to school so early. Although, greenwood is great at preparing us for college or just life in general.
I like that the teachers are involved in students lives, and they do more than just teach. Greenwood is very accepting of everyone that attends the school. The food and the school is cheap, but it is a safe place and that is more important than money.
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GHS is extremely academically focused and offers a wide range of sports to join. Lacks on amount of clubs as well as student interest in joining. Offers lots of AP and dual-credit courses which i take advantage of. Guidance department rocks and is always there to help you with personal issue, college questions, etc. GHS also offers programs that allow students to leave school early to go to work, an internship, or C9, our vocational school, and still meet their education requirements.
I like it because the teachers were very friendly, and they are always happy to help if you have a problem!! I would like to see the food change a little bit. Some of the food is just terrible, but for the most part, the food is great. The safety is awesome. Here at the high school, you always have a police officer roaming around the school halls and at lunch. The sports can sometimes be okay, but this year they were reat! Okay, here is the thing about the clubs and activities. If I had to choose one club and/or activity, it would be band. The band here is amazing!!!! They went to state about 20 times or so!!!!! I used to be in band, but then I quit. If anyone wanted to move, I would recommend the Greenwood Community School Corporation, and there isn't very much crime at all, only the occasional speeder or theft.
I feel that the school is more focused in sports than anything else that is important in school. They should be more focused on the education part and preparing students for college if thats where they wish to go. The teachers are very professional, and do care about their students. The food lacks thats there and there is nothing “healthy” about it. I feel that they need to use their money more wisely rather than spending it on a new building. Over all its any other high school you would attend, the goal for faculty is for the students to move on and graduate.
I have been a part of greenwood all my life. I've gone to all the greenwood schools. High school is by far the best thing I've experienced. I love the people and the atmosphere there, and soon !'ll be leaving which is very sad but it's a part of life. the teachers really care about the students, and the lessons they are teaching which makes the students more engaged.
Great school! The superintendent is very involved with students. The teachers are also invested. There is a police presence as well. People seem to take education very seriously. There are many extracurriculars like clubs and band and choir. There are a ton of sports as well. I do, however, wish we had more interesting electives and that scheduling worked out better so that we could take more courses that we want to take. Also, I wish there were more opportunities for college credit. Overall though, it is great!
Greenwood Community High School is a small school in Greenwood, Indiana. My overall experience so far has been pleasant. The staff is nice and very helpful. One thing I would like to see as a potential change in the future is the food. It is not prepped very well and there isn’t much to offer. Another issue is the amount of students. Sometimes I feel like there are too many students for the size of the school.
Greenwood is a great school surrounded with supportive teachers who love to see their students succeeed! Greenwood puts lots of money and effort to create a safe space for all students. Beside the school system, Greenwood has a great student life. The students at Greenwood Comunity High School have been taught to except all. This is why Greenwood has one of the best student fan sections in the states. The school corporation is full of positive inspirations that work hard to make us the best we can. The only thing that Greenwood lacks is diversity. Greenwood is a dominantly white school. I believe Greenwood could become even better with diversification creating an even better space to learn. Greenwood has been and continues to be a four star school due to its constant efforts and staff.
Greenwood Community School Corporation lead me to get out of my comfort zone and experience things I never thought I would have. Another great thing I experienced with Greenwood Community School Corporation was the relationships I have made with the teachers and faculty. They have been there for me and helping me succeed, not only academically but also athletically.
I have only attended Greenwood Schools for high school, but I have to say it has been one of the best experiences of my life. The teachers and staff are encouraging, helpful, knowledgeable, and kind. The music department and choir department are outstanding and it has been exciting to watch the choir program grow in my four years attending here. I have also been blessed with a great swim coach the last two years who is rebuilding the program.
I have always loved going to greenwood high school. I moved to greenwood in 7th grade and I remember wishing I could go back to my old school. I met a teacher that year who motivated me to keep moving forward and to never quit pushing through my work and giving it my full 100%. Since then, I have included myself in multiple clubs and activities and I partake in a student run class. Greenwood has left a great impact on me.
We have had a great run so far! My son has been diagnosed ADHD and the teachers and principal at Southwest Elementary have been so great with helping him. The school has a focus on being kind and respecting others, and I love that. It is such a great thing to instill while they are still young.
Greenwood Community School Corporation has excelled in putting their best effort in helping students excel in academic work and preparation for a future past K-12 education. No, this school corporation is not perfect. However, any flaw is quickly approached by bright-minded individuals who will seek out a solution that best benefits the students and faculty. I am thankful for receiving an education from the Greenwood Community School Corporation.
Greenwood Community High School is a great place for active and safe learning. Many of the teachers are more than willing to help out their students when they are struggling with a subject. One of the things I wish would change about this school is the type of classes that are available. Not everyone wants to take a second year of a rigorous Chemistry or Physics course, so in this case, it would be nice to offer maybe anatomy or some other type of science that would be useful for the general population.
It was a decent school. Most of the buildings were run down and the food was absolutely terrible. Unless you are in the honors program the education is terrible.
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It isn't that bad. There is improvement such as food, teachers, administrators, etc. The only good thing about the school is leaving early, especially on Wednesday. There's a new schedule for Tuesday and that wasn't necessary. Just a class of random students doing nothing for twenty minutes.
I love Greenwood High School. I could not go to somewhere better! This school has wonderful teachers that are always worried about me and my progress in school. They are awesome and they always look for new things to help us learn and make our year the best! The counselors are also fantastic. They always are there for us and help us in everything. The directors are the best directors, always being kind and making the best for our school. All the staff are awesome and I am grateful to be part of this school.
I really like the band program and the excellent teaching staff. I would love to see all organizations come together and support each other more in the future.
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