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So much has happened since I left this’s not safe anymore.They need to put prayer back in the schools. I’m
I feel that students done have a strong urge to want to go to school. Many don't listen in class and a good bit don't come at all. The teachers are also not the best. They don't seem to have a good plan teaching their students, and that damages us. I know their is potential in the district, but as long as students and teachers don't take their job seriously, nothing can be done.
The district as a whole is a great community. I would like to see student and parent involvement increase and I would like to see more qualified teachers instead of full time substitutes.🤷🏾‍♀️
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I like how the teachers take the time out to actually help the students with there work & how they give the children every opportunity to pass.
It helped me open my eyes on life. It showed me some of the obstacles that I would face in life. High school is a huge eye opener. You learn things that you can take out into life with you.
While attending Greenville High School, I learned a lot of things about myself. I learned that I am brave and I am a leader. There were a lot of tough challenges I had to face. Nothing was easy at all, but I still managed to be successful at the end!
I have had an awesome high school experience in the Greenville public school district . The things that they have offered has been a huge help from the advanced classes to the AP classes to the College Courses .I think i have learned an excessive amount of knowledge and every single skill I've been taught will be cherished and use in the future .
Besides the people I grew to enjoy talking to, I can't say I hated the district I was in. Yes it wasn't the best but it taught me what I needed to learn. If I had to suggest a change, it would likely be the material taught. Some things taught are less valuable as other things taught.
I would like to see Greenville Public School district care more about college readiness. They switched from block to period schedule, and it was very hectic and just overall a mess. They stopped offering many ap courses and forced me to be bored and unchallenged my senior year.
My experiences with Greenville Public Schools was fantastic. The teachers I was introduced to push me and motived me way beyond my limits. Although most would say that they could learn at this school I say that they were not focused on learning, because I received an education to be proud of that I use every day. The teachers I had was more than invested into the betterment of their students because even now that I'm out of highschool they still see me around town and push me to leave and get a better education to one day be some one great. The area that you live in and the students within the schools walls do not make great schools. Its the kids that want to learn and the tirelesr dedication of the teaching faculty that creates great schools ans nurtures the great mind that are contained within.
My experience in Greenville Public Schools has been amazing. One thing that I would like to see change is more parent involvement and more college readiness.
Greenville High school has a lot of courses that are offered. The teachers are friendly and nice. Greenville's performing arts is one of the best performing arts programs in Michigan.
I was a former student in the Greenville public school district and it was a very life changing experience.
It's a great school despite it's many flaws. GPSD has given many memories good and bad. I wouldn't change it at all.
Having many memories from this place and although it may have not been the best district, it is certainly a memorable one.
I would give the school a 4 for its efforts. The teachers and administrators do their very best, but their are people in higher positions of deputy superintendent and superintendent which are allowing terrible things to take place. They sit back or either they actively participate in the bad decisions that the school board makes. I only wish that parents would take a stand for the right things and go to these school board meetings and be heard. The children are losing out and no one is doing anything. We are all adults and are supposed to be professional, but the school board is making decisions based on a political buddy system. They need to learn that the school district is a business and should be ran as such. I give the teachers and principals for effort.
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