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The school need work hard with sport and Food. Sport the more important is Football and other sport don’t have same resources. The food is terrible because don’t include balance diet. Just hamburguer, nuggets, sandwich.
I enjoyed the size of Greenville, I enjoyed most of the faculty but I would say that some teachers were not as beneficial as I would have liked. I would also say administration was rarely involved in student activities.
I enjoyed many of my teachers. Many were easy to talk to and ask for help in a variety of ways. It is a lot easier to learn when you like the teachers. A few also did an excellent of college readiness. The atmosphere is also very relaxed. It doesn't feel like too much of a prison. On an occasion or two that may have gotten in the way of learning. The things I would like to see changed are how some of the teachers are too comfortable with their jobs. Therefore they stop trying to teach as well and aren't as concerned with the students themselves or what they learn. Another thing I think is a big draw back is the quality of food for the price. I'm no chef, but that food is of very poor quality. Also some of the teachers are too involved in the drama and life of the students. They treat some students poorly and even call them names behind their backs to other students. These teachers also tend to be bad at doing their job of teaching as well.
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The last principal. He had a strong relationship with students and they enjoyed school. They realized how good he was when he left and was replaced by the current one, who has no personality and is very strict.
Greenville Public Schools had an involved staff that pushed all students and themselves to be the best.
Very nice staff and learning environment. Only downfall is they expect all parents to have unlimited income.
I very much enjoyed my time at Greenville High School. I really enjoyed that we were small town planted between a large city and rural communities. As a competitive athlete I was very active in the community on and off the field and had an overall great high school experience.
The school district does not collaborate with parents like they should. When a parent asked for their child to be screened for learning disabilities it should get done and not ignored. When questions a student the parent should be asked and get parent approval and be present to ask child/student questions. The school investe in a football field vs updating central air conditioning in their high school or adding on and adding a pool.
Very large school and easy to become just a number to staff, but the educational opportunities provided are very high quality.
I changes schools to greenville and i love it. All of the teachers are nice but one. And i have a lot of friends.
Greenville is small Midwest school, however Greenville has consistently set goals to try and become a more well known and recognized school within Michigan. Personally I would like to see more involvement between the local community college and the high school. Often times college is presented as an avenue to be explored solely by the student, with relatively little to no help from the administration or counselors.
I have to say I use to like school but when I got up into the fourth gradeon up I didn't care about school I didn't want to be there anymore and the teachers and students are bullies they don't care much about the kids all they are worried about is getting paid and going home.
They say bullying is not tolerated but when bullying is reported the school officials do nothing about it. Teachers give students too much homework because they think we have nothing to do after school and their class is the only class we have. When students have medical complications the teachers do not understand that they may require "special" seating, homework schedules, and that they may not be able to attend class as much as they, or the teachers, would like and when that happens the student may not be able to catch up overnight.
I don't like the anti-device-ness, or the fact that they don't do anything about bullying, the teachers are too strict and don't help you if you need it. I do like the cafeteria food, the music, art, and theatre departments and the lounge area.
Every teacher that I had were one of the best teachers I had compared to all of the other schools I have attended.
At Greenville High School, I enjoyed the experience of being able to know everyone, or nearly everyone in my class. I also enjoyed the closely-knit connections that were developed between students and teachers. However, there are some things I would change about this school. For instance, our upper administration is very bias with students based upon their family history, as Greenville is a community that it seems everyone knows each other. This being said, there are many teachers and staff members with children that attend this school. They are often given privileges that are beyond what the average student is able to have, and they almost get an "untouchable" unfairness to them.
Greenville has a great school system. Of the whole time I attended Greenville, I can only think of a couple of times where I had any legitimate issues. K-12 Greenville has a great core of teachers and staff that all care about the students education. Throughout the whole school system there are great teachers, having said that, there are also a few teachers who are not so great, but that number is few.
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Greenville public schools is a decent place to grow up. I do, however, have complaints. Bullying is a huge issue along with drugs, the staff stands idly by as kids die, a kid died last week from a heroine overdose. The school failed to acknowledge it. It's just sad that people report themselves being harassed everyday and the staff does nothing.
Greenville High School is a great school with high academics and quality teachers. This school offers many clubs and organizations to help get kids involved. I think something that could improve about GHS is the control of technology. Technology is quickly increasing nowadays and the teachers should be integrating more and more of it in the classrooms. The teachers should attend workshops on how to properly use them in the class and how to show the joys of using technology for education, not just socializing.
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