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Greenville isd does everything they can to make sure the community is always active. Their focus is on providing a safe learning center and they are always looking out for their employees. I've been very fortunate to attend Greenville isd my entire life.
I’d like to see a lot of things change in Greenville ISD before and after I graduate to give future and current students the same or better opportunities offered. GHS, in particular, experiences multiple issues. The administration takes and cuts winning and complished groups from the students. For example last year our award winning German Club and Dancers had their program cut. Me being one of the club members and dancers on the team felt devastated. After 38 years of placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at the state level, Frau and the students at GISD felt betrayed. Why would the administration cut such a successful group and why would they single handedly wipe the German program all together. Why would they deprive students of an amazing learning opportunity, like learning something else besides Spanish like every other high school student?
What I’ll like to see a change on Greenville high school is to make the classes a little shorter than usual
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I liked many of my teachers and coaches. Many were very dedicated. I would like to see our sports programs improve.
Very good loved going there food teachers sports were all amazing love this school very muchit was a good school to put your kids in has a no bullying stuff great welding prog
I loved how teachers did care about making sure you as a student were prepared for the future. Some cares more then other but in the end they were awesome people to get to be with during your high school years. You bond great with extra curricular teachers as well. And believe it or not they actually appreciate their job
I love this school district. I have such find memories with attending their high school. And this school district now offers a robotics program , and JROTC.
Greenville High School was an excellent place to get an education, both scholastic and real world. I was able to complete many college basic courses utilizing dual credit curriculum offered in conjunction with Paris Junior College. Socially, I found the Lion Pride Band to be a fantastic group in which to build close friendships.
It is a very good school, with very good teachers and classmates. The classes are not hard you just have to do your work, attend class and be present. I liked going to this school.
I loved going to Greenville High School! They have such a variety of classes and amazing teachers that go out of their way to help students out. They recently built a career and technology center last year. opening up this building gave students the opportunity in the medical, fashion, technology, and culinary field to further advance their education! My culinary arts class has one of biggest kitchens and my fashion design class got some new equipment and bigger stations to work and sew in. Greenville high School has definitely grown and become a better school over these past years.
I am currently a Junior at Greenville High School and my uncle is the principal at the school, so I see how had everyone works. The teachers try their very hardest to help us succeed in life and for that I am thankful. I am lucky enough to have been able to make great friends and love my school for its culture. The custodians do an excellent job in keeping the school looking crisp and fresh for the students to wonder around in the halls. I am lucky enough to have experienced the school that has held its ground since the old days.
Well right now I am a junior in the high school. What i think is, the High School can be fun if you’re involved with activities, and clubs, or sports. I played soccer for 2 years with the school team. I’ve learned in high school that you can have someone to help you out with what your plans are for college, but for the most part it’s an opportunity to learn more about yourself and what you really want to do. The teachers here are kind, if you do what you’re told to do. This school isn’t the biggest, but there is a lot of students here. Majority of the students care about their education, but most do. For me yes there’s been times where I’ve struggled to do my work, but I try my best to get myself back up and finish what I need to do.
The teachers are great, but they can't teach to the best of their ability because of the restrictions being placed on them by our school board. This is directly affecting students. We are given tests made by the school board with different material than what is in the curriculum that the teachers are supposed to be teaching.
I am currently a sophomore, I have been very pleased with the way I have been treated by friends and teachers. I'm happy where I'm at. I am involved with the Band, which is amazing, I am also involved in our FCCLA program. I am hoping to get more involved with different clubs and organizations in my future.
Many of the teachers I had were great, and always looked out for me and pushed me to do the best I can. If I needed help I could always go to them and know I can get help.
The high school has a lot to offer you in terms of extra curricular activities. There's always a way to get involved!
There are quite a few opportunities at Greenville ISD that aren't available in many other schools in the surrounding area. The teachers are dedicated to the students' excellence as are the administrators and counselors. If I could change anything about GISD, I'd change the classrooms. They are relatively small and are not the most learning-friendly environment.
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I really like GISD they really cared for the students. The only downside about it is that the lunch food wasn't really good. Other then that everything is really good.
I like that the Greenville High school Independent school district is really diverse. The clubs, activities, & sports are very good. I would love to see the food for the cafeteria change and also the parent involvement.
Greenville ISD is a has a diverse staff that strives to meet the needs of each student, and a diverse student population that gives pupils real-world interaction experience. In addition, the programs offered appeal to a wide range of students and parents. It is a great place for education!
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