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It is easy to get involved in sports and organizations at Mauldin High School and to gain leadership positions.
My son has been in Greenville County for over six years. The class sizes are very large and resources have been extremely limited. He is enrolled at a large high school and I have been happy with the variety of classes available.
Like all school districts, there is a lack of funding with regards to special education. More students are being diagnosed with learning disabilities and support is very limited and stretched in many public schools.
Fortunately, my son has not had to take advantage of special education opportunities. However, this aspect of his school will influence my decision to send his siblings there.
The Greenville County School system is nothing to argue with nor do I have anything against it. The education meets its standards in each individual school. However, a better sense of security should be involved so everyone feels safe. Would a little more college readiness help? Yes, it would I think. Students need to feel the most prepared as they leave high school and start a new phase in their lives. The schools themselves had many ways to get involved and the school spirit was out of this world.
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I am currently a student in the Greenville County School District, and have been for the past 6 years. The schools you find here are extremely helpful when it comes to college readiness.
My experience with Greenville school was not the best. I felt like I was held back from where I needed to be. I also feel like they do not prepare you for college at all. I had to learn had to really study for a test when I went to college.
Greenville County is excellent in giving its student the academics and the necessary real world experience but on the other hand the facilities and technology it provides is not accessible to every school in the district. I would like for the small schools to enjoy the same facilities, if not better, as the big schools.
The Greenville County School District is one of the largest school districts in the US. There is great diversity between the students, the teachers are friendly and it offers a tremendous variety of clubs and organizations which I am thrilled to be a part of. When it comes to academics GCS does lack on it but not too much. Our SAT and ACT grades are above average most of the time but we do have a lot of dropout. Also, food wise there isn't a great variety.
Pros-- Good elementary schools, sports programs
Cons-- School safety, cleanliness, Food.
Would like to see schools, especially high schools, take more pride and aim to make them look nicer and cleaner.
I enjoy the safety of Greenville County Schools along with the faculty and staff members who help me accomplish my goals for a better future. I am also satisfied with my High School experience. My guidance counselors help prepare me for college and my future, while my teachers help me learn about useful subjects that could be used in everyday life. I am satisfied with my school in Greenville County because of its cleanliness and high education expectations. I also agree with the values and morals that this school is teaching. The school that I attend also promotes donating to other small and large organizations which I believe is important because this shows these students that others are less fortunate than we are and that we should donate our time and money to these organizations.
I have had a very good experience with Greenville County School District. I have been in the district since I started school and have had no problems with the schools I have gone to. All of the employees and staff that work for the school district have done an amazing job and I always enjoy going to school at a Greenville county school. If I were to change anything with the Greenville County School District it would be to have more opportunities for students to learn and prepare for their future in college. Now that I am a senior in high school I wish that I could have started preparing my freshman year just to be more prepared for all the things need to apply for college.
I am a high school senior and have yet to have a bad experience in Greenville County School District!
Greenville County School District molded me into the beautiful student full of passion that I am today. They continue to make the right decisions and not lead me wrong.
I enjoyed how welcoming the Greenville County School District is. They aren't neglecting towards parents, or siblings of the students. They also are very excepting and helping with diversities. There are so many programs and resources to help students with learning disorders and students who aren't from this state.
I have not had many issues with my county. It's pretty average overall. The only issues I have ran into is bus and janitor shortage.
Overall my experience was ok. I wish there were more minority teachers in the district to show more diversity. I like that there are many schools in the county. Most of my teachers were very caring. They promoted a healthy learning environment. Although as far as my brother who had a learning disability I feel they try to just label you instead of learning your child and what is the best learning environment.
It is a good community, very helpful and engages in its students lives. There are many programs schools can be in like after school, career, and sports. My experience with them was good I had no troubles and both of my siblings enjoy them as well. They also help in the communities with fundraisers, events and parents. I went to a school in Greenville and my siblings will too. I enjoyed my school career and was pleased with the many programs that where put to help students. My overall experience with the Greenville County School District was very good, I cant complain about something.
I absolutely love it! There are many chances for extracurricular activities, great teachers, and people who care. As well as challenging courses with Honors and AP.
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Greenville County School District is a large district, despite this, it is well managed and aside from the occasional unnecessary snow day, it is a pretty good district. The sports are superior, especially the track program which I take part in. I attend Hillcrest High school and my main complaint is that problems are not quickly adressed but that is expected in any school.
From my experience at with Greenville County schools is that they care about you a-lot. They try their best to get you ready for college. They have many thing you can do throughout the school year. For example they have college essay workshops. Those help with you writing essays for college and applying for scholarships. They treat everyone with respect and value everyone the same.
Greenville County is the best school district in the state because they have the best teachers and because they are committed to giving kids a great education
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