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Greenville City Schools has done it's job in the sense of teaching information. All the teachers I have had throughout my school experience have always cared about our education and made sure no students failed. However, the school lacks several things, like diversity, good restrooms, and several other teachers I have heard word about do not care as much about education. Recently in the last year, our school has cut the teachers pay, and many teachers left the school district, or proceed to teach carelessly, creating a lack of passion in the students here.
There is very little diversity in our school district. The administration seems out of touch with the students and staff. I feel prepared having taken college credit plus and AP classes, but advising has not always been helpful. The culture of our school is lacking in regards to school spirit and a supportive environment
I enjoy the educational opportunities that my school gives. For instance, I am currently in a career technical program that teaches me about the medical field I plan on going into. This prep-course is provided by the school and not on a separate campus. I also like how my school partners with two local colleges in order for me to take college credit plus classes. If I choose to take a college course I receive college credit and high school credit while the school pays for it. This allows me to get a jump start in my college career and save money in the long run. They provide many college courses within the school itself, so I do not even have to leave campus to get a good education. I am currently in 4 of those classes and I enjoy not having the need to drive to a college to get my credits.
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I am currently still a student at Greenville Senior High School. I am a Senior and going to this school for the last 4 years have showed me many different things. From how the teachers differ from each grade and how the different teachers teach. My experience here at Greenville has made me ready to move on to college. It has pointed me in the right direction. The thing I would change would be the food. I never ate the food from the school but I have heard about how bad it is! I am going to miss this school and I will definitely show my face here again.
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