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Greenville Central School District Reviews

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I currently attend Greenville High School and think it is a good school. The clubs and activities offer something for anyone. The teachers are very nice and offer extra help for any subject.
It’s a small school and everyone knows everyone. They offer a lot of clubs and sports. Many of the athletes are tri-athletes. The teachers are nice and support you. I feel safe there. They have a food cart in the cafeteria with more food options than the regular cafeteria.
I like that the school small and you know everyone. But I hate that the school is small and you know everybody. But I’m time of need we are always there for on another.
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Greenville Central School is part of a close knit community - every one knows everyone. When tragedy strikes, the whole community comes out to support. The teachers really care about the students, and you can tell that they really enjoy what they’re doing. I feel like the teachers at Greenville really go above and beyond expectations, in order to provide the students with a unique and fun high school experience.
My experience at Greenville Central High School was overall good. The food was not the best but some meals were good. The kids were pretty much all the same, country affiliation. But you do have some people who moved from the surrounding cities.
There are many great teachers at Greenville who really care about their students and take the time to help you truly learn and succeed in all three schools. The high school experience at Greenville isn't anything incredible, same with middle school. Elementary school was a great experience (personally). I made many friends and had teachers who made me want to learn. Because the school is so small there aren't a ton of options for exploring different subjects with electives; that was probably the most disappointing aspect of Greenville HS.
The school itself is small but it adds to the experience. everyone knows everyone, and is friends with everyone. The teachers and staff all know you and are friendly. I just wish they offered some more courses.
I have gone to Greenville my entire life! Many people have mixed reviews but I personally think it is small and comfortable. You get to know everyone since the school is so small. You become a small family.
This is a great school. The teachers are dedicated to their profession. The administrators are helpful and involved. Overall the school district is small in population but stretches across a large amount of Greene county.
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